Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fluffy Cocoon Coat

I added a silky ribbon, weaved it in and out of the open weave stitch and tied it in front.

I love length, the back is long enough to cover 'me bum' AND with the curve up, it slims. (yah!)

Some days you need something ‘snuggly warm’ but elegant. This coat can be worn with a dress as a evening coat, but it also goes great with jeans. Lately, that is the driving force behind my crochet designs; can I wear it with a dress and can I wear it with jeans?

Life is like that, isn’t it?!
You've got to be able to have that option!

I’m designing like crazy, using tips I learned from Lily Chin (and her fantastic new book, Couture Crochet Workshop) and tips from other top designers. I’m playing with shapes, styles, drape, cling and zing (and a little bling!) I’ve finally fully developed the Knotty Generation Sweater Set Collection (aka Funky Girl Sweater Sets, but that name is alittle corny!!) I’m very proud of these designs! I’ve revamped my book proposal and will focus exclusively on this sweater set collection. I felt that my original book idea was too general, too much like all the other crochet books out there. I’m trying to find my edge and where I can fit in the crochet design industry and clothing design is my passion therefore it will be the center of my world (after my 2 boys and husband of course!)

My design process usually goes something like this:
The Vision
The Sketch
The Swatch
The Schematics
The Description
Refine and Refine

I recently submitted 2 clothing designs (not in my sweater set collection) to a major crochet magazine, I’ll call Major Crochet Magazine #1. This is my first submission to a magazine; I’m hoping I’ll get a start here! I have not heard back yet, my fingers are crossed; both designs are timeless but elegant, a little funky, but not too trendy looking.

We are expecting a major snow storm here in Minnesota and I’ve got in-laws driving up from Iowa via Texas, so I’m going to stock the pantry and fridge, and work on my WIPS;
  1. Warm Up America Afghan – Carolyn’s squares need to be put together!
  2. Stash Busting Coat – my next post is on this super FUN project!
  3. Ruffle Teal Shrug - re-doing the end of the sleeves, from ruffle to a wave.
Old friends, new friends, thanks for stopping by the Knotty Generation!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Knit Out and Crochet 2007 - Fashion Show highlights

Here is a highlight of the Knit Out and Crochet 2007 Fashion Show. I had a front row seat at today's show, yesterday I was in the very last row standing, so these pictures turned out better.

I have to say, every piece in this show was fabulous! As you can see the 2nd portion of the show there were a lot of cream colored pieces. Simply Stunning. I loved each and every piece.

Knit Out and Crochet 2007 - Feb. 18, 2007

Day 2 – Sunday Feb. 18, 2007

Today was the 2nd day of the Knit Out and Crochet 2007 at the Mall of America. I arrived just in time for Lily Chin’s demo on Creating Drapable Crochet Fabric. I learned so much in her ½ hour demo, I was so inspired it motivated me to buy her book, Couture Crochet Workshop. Lily’s book is worth every penny, I feverishly paged through the book right after her demo, making sure every tip sunk in.

I had to find Steven and get a picture, Steven owns the Yarn Garage and he is incredibly talented and a blast to talk to. Check out his funky cool sweater, with feathers!Steven's Mom - she's a Glitter Knitter!

My next demo was Kathleen Sams from Coats & Clark, she demonstrated the secrets of crochet cables. She was so sweet!

I got a chance to talk to Annie Modesitt,

Vickie Howell provided commentary for the Fashion Show, which I will cover in a seperate post. Here Vickie is reporting on the Fastest Crocheter Contest. Lisa Gentry won, Lily Chin came in 2nd, by 1 or 2 stitches.

My last demo was Margaret Hubert – Free Form Knitting and Crocheting. Margaret has this fantastic freeform cardigan on, this is the back.

Here Margaret Hubert is doing a demo of freeform.

Here is a few of us from the demo/class. Sorry this pic is so blurry:(

To end the day, Lily Chin signed my new book, I made a few new friends, my feet hurt just as bad as yesterday, and I knew it was time to go home. I had so much fun, sharing the love of yarn with knitters and crocheters alike. It was awesome and I hope that the Knit Out and Crochet event comes back to the Mall of America next year!

My next post will have the Knit Out and Crochet 2007 Fashion Show highlights!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Knit Out and Crochet 2007 - Feb. 17, 2007

What an amazing day I just had!! I spend 5 hours at the Mall of America for the huge Knit Out and Crochet 2007, it was so cool to be around so many folks who love yarn.

I arrive at the mall around 1pm for my scheduled meet up with Bea from my Warm Up America Group, then I met YarnCat, aka Catherine Lindsay

I met Yarncat in person!

Then we meet up with Christy, from Purling Away and watched the fashion show, very cool, but my pictures are so fuzzy I wont even post them.

There was a special presentation for Save the Children/Warm Up America with the highlight being able to honor Evie Rosen, the founder of Warm Up America. The highlight of my day involves her later on.

Christy, YarnCat and I sat in with Lily Chin and her presentation on reading crochet charts. Lily was wearing the most beautiful crochet and bead top, her creation of course! She is so spunky, she talks a mile a minute and knows her stuff inside and out. Her bit on symbols was a good refresher for me.

Lily Chin "at the office"

Lily Chin and me - I was so thrilled to meet her!

Fastest Crochet Lisa Gentry made an appearance on the stage; she won, of course, and then gave her award (a bag full of yarn) to a pre-teen girl who was also entered in the contest, very sweet gesture on Lisa’s part.

Lisa Gentry - she's fast!

We wandered around the vendor booths, there was yarn galore, I was in heaven! Sticks and hooks that light up, magazines and free patterns everywhere! I ran into Zandy, who owns Zandy’ Yarn shop in Burnsville and then met Steven, who owns the Yarn Garage in Rosemount, two of the LYS that I love!

I also got a quick smile from Candi Jensen,

Candi Jensen - I love her!

We scored free yarn at the Michael's booth. Then came the "The Highlight of the Day" I got to meet and talk with Evie Rosen, the founder of Warm Up America. She's a humble person, with a simple wish to help folks out. I wish I could be half a person she's been. About 3 years ago, I made a lifetime commitment to volunteer for Warm Up America.

My Hero - Evie Rosen

I also got to meet Vickie Howell WHEW! 5pm came fast and we said our goodbyes. Yummy yarn stash in hand, a new crochet hook, some huge size 17 knitting needles (errr drum sticks!) and tons of patterns, my bag was full, my feet hurt and I was ready to come home.

BUT I plan to go back Sunday, I missed Annie Modesitt and Brett Bara. I'll post about my yarn adventures tomorrow!

Vickie Howell is too cute!

My goodies from the day - Paton's Divine is yummy!

Friday, February 09, 2007

The Ruffle Shrug

The Ruffle Shrug

The Ruffle Shrug's Spring Outfit - obnoxiously patterned capris optional.

The Ruffle Shrug with jeans and simple black top, this is more my style.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Knotty Generation Totes

I used my new Knotty Generation Tote Bags for groceries today! They are huge totes, hold a ton o’ stuff, they have very sturdy handles and can be ordered on Café Press.

Check out the items I have on Café Press at