Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Falling off the face of the earth

Oh gosh, no I didn't actually but in some way, kinda.

This summer I've focused on the family, especially my kids. My crochet design career has taken a backseat, with no regrets. I've spent every single day with my kids, we've had breakfast, lunch and most dinners outside, we swam in our pool everyday until we were water logged. We played with every friend in the neighborhood, twice. We went camping, we flew in an airplane and went to the ocean. We took long bike rides, we played in the fort, we painted cool pictures with watercolors, we practiced addition, subtraction, worked on division and learned more about our solar system.

I will update you a bit about what I've been up to with yarn (and wood!) I crocheted several purses and little cosmetic bags, I crocheted a shrug, a tank top, I did towel toppers, (yep the old fashion kind!) I crocheted a little teddy bear, a few washcloths, a few scarves, several baby booties, and a couple baby cardigans. Not one item was for a magazine, book, or for sale, I totally crocheted the last 2 months for gifts and for myself. EXCEPT 1 purse, that is for an upcoming e-booklet from Straight From Today's Designers. (I'll post more info on that when the time comes.)

OK, back in June, I was "tagged" by Vashti , sorry it has taken me so long, please forgive me! Here is my quicky version:
- 10 years ago: I was working in the software industry as a software quality analyst, I was getting married, crocheting as a hobby.
- On my non-work to do list: Read more, try yoga, contact old friends.
- Snacks I enjoy: Chocolate, cheese & crackers, olives, and wine.
- If I were a billionaire: This could be too long to list, but basically I'd go shopping.
- Places I've lived: Southern Minnesota, Southern California, Central Minnesota.
- Jobs I've had: Museum tour guide in my home town, skating rink supervisor, film projectionist at a movie theater, maid at a motel, bartender, music store clerk, waitress at a fancy nightclub, register's office in college, software quality analyst, crochet designer and crochet teacher.

Wow, trip down memory lane, that was fun, thanks Vashti! Now on to some highlights of what I've done this summer.

I have a friend who just had twin girls, I crocheted these matching little cardigans. I'm working on this pattern, it is all written, I'm testing it, tweaking the shell stitch increase and so hoping to get this out this summer, but somehow summer vacations, kids playdates, and life in general has gotten in the way! Someday....

I recently added to my stash! I LOVE these colors, I'm thinking of working on the long overdue pattern for my circular stash bustin coat. Long list of to dos and wanna do....

I made myself a crochet hook! This is by no means a new hobby, I just had to do it once.

***this photo added Aug. 14*** This is my new crocheted towel topper, a few of us in my crochet class wanted to make these and they all turned out great!

Life is flying by, my kids are growing up so fast, my oldest is going into 2nd grade, my youngest is going to start kindergarten, I'm looking to go back to work in the software industry and will only do crochet design when I can, so big changes for me.

I'll try not to be such a stranger here. As always, thanks for stopping by Knotty Generation. -Pam