Friday, September 21, 2007

Red Scarf Project

When I saw Sandi Wiseheart’s Connections: A Red Scarf knit pattern on “Knitting Daily” I knew I had to create a crochet version of it.

If copying someone is a form of flattery, please note that I (heart) Sandi Wiseheart, her writing is witty and wise, hence her sur name? I love cables and when I see knitted cables I love the challenge of creating a crochet version. When I see a painting, pottery, architecture, or fabric with a cable pattern I like, I’ll study the image and interrupted it into crochet.

I’m just playing around and working on my crochet cable technique. I’m using this fuzzy worsted weight yarn and a H/8 (5mm) hook and I’d rather be using DK weight yarn and an E/4 or F/5 hook, BUT this was the only red yarn in my stash.

I found links to The Red Scarf Project and read about this great program. One of my fav designers, Lily Chin, is involved in it, apparently Oprah is too. Sounds like they had an overwhelming response, scarves are easy to make and the cause seemed to touch people’s hearts. Totally Warm Fuzzies!

Sandi's knitted Connections: A Red Scarf

My crochet version - the 2nd try. I doubt anything will materialize in pattern form,
again I'm just honing the design skills, one cable at a time.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Some Kind of Fluffy

Some Kind of Fluffy

**2 pictures below were added to post on 9/11/07**
Soft collar, 3/4 length sleeve, m

The back has a circle design, with a long ruffle.

Summer Crocheting Angst
It is hard to crochet when it’s hot out, especially a big fluffy project. I couldn’t stand the weight and added warmth of this sweater for more than a few rows, then I’d put it down and grab one of my (many) smaller projects. I think I completed 1 pair of baby socks, 2 pair of baby booties, another BICO (Baby its Cold Outside) baby cardigan, a hat for my son Tyler, a belt for myself, and several swatches for potential projects. Yep, all that in between this fluffy mass of warm yarn.

Well, finally she’s done. I probably won’t wear this for awhile. We were still swimming in the pool yesterday, it was almost 90 degrees in Minnesota! For lack of a better name, right now this mass of yarn is going to be called, Some Kind of Fluffy.

Crochet Classes at 3 Kittens Needle Arts in St. Paul
The crochet class schedule is posted on my side bar, check it out. I’d love to see some of you in a class or two. 3 Kittens is an awesome yarn shop, super selection with an expert staff and fantastic owners. Did I mention the porch out front and a coffee shop a few doors down?

"Speaking Engagement" at a local church
In January 2008, I will be speaking at a local church group about crochet and my involvement in Warm Up America. We are going to make 7” x 9” squares so we can assemble an American Flag Afghan to donate to the VA hospital in Minneapolis. I’ll post more about this!