Monday, January 30, 2006

Not funky enough

Brown Bowler Hat - This hat was worked in the round, all in one piece, increasing and decreasing to create an interesting bubbled top.

Grey Top Hat
-This had was worked in a cylinder, the top "lid" was crocheted separately in the round, then whipped stitched on, brim added last. I was going for something like a top hat, but with a little flair.

So these two hats didn't make the cut for the book. They're funky, but not funky enough. Maybe the basic dark colors, maybe that I've done them several times, they're were not as "fresh" as I'd like. But, finally I did pick 2 hat designs for the book. Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cocoon Sweater Try-Outs

The hideous scarf has morphed into a shrug, which has in turn, grown into a cocoon sweater.

I had the shrug schematics created and crocheted, but I wanted more - MORE - more of a sweater that is. I wanted a cocoon sweater! So I modified the pattern a bit and added a collar and sides, but my increases are not making me happy. I ripped and re-did the increases but I still don't know if I'm totally satisfied with the design. I chalk it up to all being part of the design process. I won't rest until I'm satisfied.

Both pictures are of the same project, (at various times of creation) same yarn, but each picture was taken at a different time of day, making the yarn look totally different, weird hey?
And yes, that is my sweater's arm around a glass of wine. ;)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday 01/24/06

In honor of the Girl Scout cookie sales that recently started, I am proudly posting a picture of me in my Girl Scout uniform, circa 1975.

Yes, I'm a little embarrassed. Dig the glasses and the middle part in my hair. I had lime green corduroy hip-hugger bell bottoms on, perfectly matching my Girl Scout uniform. I was groovy and life was "peace, love, and Donny Osmond."

This is the age I stated knitting, and eventually found my life long love of crochet. I still have the silver size K crochet hook that my mom gave me (in 1975) for my first crochet project. It was from my maternal grandmother, Rose Luedke.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Biggest Scarf EVER = RIP

File this in the "what was I thinking" category.

Ok, here are the dimensions: 7" by 7'
(yes, 7 feet of scarf) Now, a 7 foot skinny scarf is cool, but this scarf was all wrong. If you wrapped it around your neck, it was like a neck brace, if you let it hang, it gets tangled up in EVERYTHING. I couldn't wrap it like a shawl, it just looked like a mess.

I'm getting good at RIPing! I used 2 stands of yarn, one is a boucle and the other was Lion Brand Jiffy, both in a deep gray. So, now after RIPing, I'll have enough yarn to make something like....a shawl, a vest, a caplet, or two 7 foot skinny scarves!

(my 5 year old son Drew took this picture, he is a budding photographer)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Celtic Knot Granny Square

Twist with tradition and make something funky! Granny Squares don't have to be boring.

Here is my take on the updated version of the Granny Square, crocheted to look like a Celtic Knot. There needs to be some refining to the pattern, but I really like how these came out. I plan to have a few versions of Granny Squares in my upcoming book, like the Rasta Granny and the Knotty Granny.

These aren't your typical Granny Squares!

Friday, January 06, 2006

For those gray winter days

For those gray winter days, when a splash of color and a little funk is just what you need.

The colors are not my favorites, but when its the dead of winter in Minnesota and I need to be reminded of Jamaica, and I don't give a #$@%* about what I look like, this hat'll do. (And yes, I almost fell asleep while I was taking this photo, it's been a long week.)

Happy Friday Friends!