Saturday, April 03, 2010

Happy Easter

Several years ago, I met a woman in my Warm Up America group, she was a long time volunteer, oh so nice, and when I dragged my boys along to the meetings, she would always have "something" for them. One year near Easter, she made these adorable bunnies for us, I wished I asked for her pattern, but I didn't.

Another gift she gave us was crocheted turkeys for Thanksgiving that when you squeezed their belly, they "pooped" out M&M candy. It was a hoot, she had an opening in the back of the turkey body that you could fill with M&M's, my boys laughed until they cried.

I've lost track of her over the years, but still think of her. Her name was Carolyn. She always had a seasonal crochet gift for my me and my boys. If you are reading this blog post, thanks Carolyn for all the cute gifts. We've kept them all and put them out every season and think of your kindness.