Monday, April 30, 2007


Here is what became of my Manos yarn, I've named it Saffron,
after the world's most expensive spice.

It has to work with jeans...

...and a skirt.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Manos Del Uruguay Yarn

Today I’m working with this fabulous yarn from Uruguay. Manos del Uruguay handcrafted kettle dyed pure wool is spun from a luxurious blend of Merino and Corriedal wool.
Manos Del Uruguay
Yardage: 3.5 ounces/138 yards
Content: 100% Pure Wool

I do not have a ball winder, (well, actually I do, his name is Scott and he’s my husband. But I can’t use him very often, cause helping the wife with her yarn isn’t a very manly job, but somewhat of a necessity to keep the Mommy happy, cause we all know if the Mommy is happy the house is happy.) Just a side note.

Anyhow, the color of this yarn is so rich (AND a bonus; the color matches this room in my house!) I am crocheting a summer top with a fitted bodice, an empire waist that goes about hip length. This summer top design is very basic, it’s all over the place, in stores, other crochet patterns, but I wanted to work on increasing with a fan stitch. I’ve worked out the kinks and feel really good about designing and increasing with fan stitches now.

Some days do you feel like acrylic but you really want to be cashmere? Well today I’m feeling like an acrylic blend, tomorrow I’m sure I’ll feel more like cashmere.

No knots in yarn, only the intended ones.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Another Cell Phone Cozy

Teal and Lime Cell Phone Cozy
Yep, another cell phone cozy, this one with beads! Super easy, left over yarn, left over beads, about ½ hour of my time while watching the boys at the park and my phone got a new cozy!

Craft Yarn Council’s website
I made it on the Craft Yarn Council’s website for the Knit Out at the Mall of America in Minnesota, well my hair did. Click on this link knitoutbrochure.html Scroll down to the picture of Lily Chin giving her demo, she’s holding 2 orange swatches, see that mass of brown hair in the lower right corner, that’s me!

This month marks my 2 Year Blogiversary!
2 years and almost 50,000 visits to Knotty Generation! Wow, back on April 20, 2005 my first post was on my 2004 Warm Up America afghan. Back then I had no idea how important this blog would be in my life. My husband coined the term 'Knotty Generation'. As soon as he said it, I knew that was me! I’ve had a few versions of the logo, finally decided on the current on, registered trademark and copywrites to Knotty Generation and forged ahead in my dream of writing a crochet pattern book. Some things in the last 2 years...
  • I gained a wealth of knowledge of HTML
  • I challenged my creativity and expanded my crochet skills
  • I fully developed my design skills and began selling patterns on line
  • I was on TV! Uncommon Threads on HGTV (and someday on the DIY network.)
  • I was in a magazine! The Spring 2007 issue of Burnsville Magazine.
  • I was interviewed by Kate on Bella Online Crochet Site.
  • I joined some fantastic on-line groups of like-minded crochet folks who share my insane love of all things crochet!
  • I’ve formed some fantastic friendships through the internet, blogging and Crochetville.
  • I have a fantastic way to promote my intense commitment to Warm Up America.
Thanks friends for stopping by, may your yarn never tangle.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stash Bustin Coat is DONE!

I love my new coat!

It was a great way to get ride of some yarn stash! I do wish I would have used my yellow though. I was thinking of a rim of color around the collar and sleeves and after adding it I ripped it out, it was too much and my style is more ‘simple elegant’ than busy with color.

I felt the back was the focus, the front should be minimal.

The front closure is still an issue. I used two huge shawl pins for the pictures above, but I realize this does not completed the look. I'm thinking 2 big red buttons or a toggle. I need to ponder this for a day or so before I make the final decision. Any suggestions friends?!