Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The perfect yarn holder

This little bamboo handled sewing basket is the perfect yarn holder!

I inherited this little antique sewing basket from my older sister Sue, who got it from my Mom, which (I think) came from my Grandmother Rose Luedke. It is just big enough to fit a skein of yarn and the handle slips over my wrist for “portability”. I have a tendency to “roam” with my projects, usually to be closer to where ever my boys are playing! I'm curious, when you crochet or knit, do you stay in one spot or roam like me?

(BTW -this project happens to be a "testing version" of Maude, in brown. YUM!)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Knotty Cable Cardi Ver. 2.0

Even though the picture makes the yarn look blue, this is purple. This is one of my original designs, The Knotty Cable Cardi (Ver. 2.0) After scrutinizing the original design, I thought I’d change the shape, instead of a “swing” with a loose fit and a bit of a flare at the waist, I refined the body shape and made it close-fitting, hugging the waist, BUT GUESS WHAT? I like the original design better!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll have plenty of designs that hug your curves and accentuate the positive, but this cardi looks better with a bit of movement around the middle, allowing the cables more freedom, and best done in a lighter color to emphasize the shadows of the cables.

So imagine how pleased I was when after choosing purple yarn and just completing my purple Knotty Cable Cardi to read this PURPLE HAZE...

Clothing designers are driven by trends, inspired by trade show trend reports and trend forecasts. This season’s trend report included forecasts of violets, purples, and bordeaux. Purple is a fabulously rich color, but don’t carry it too far, use it as an accents or just one piece of your outfit. So purple will show up again, but just knot this design!

Setting in sleeves

Setting in sleeves:
High tech?
Low tech?
No tech?

Aw heck, they’re binder clips! Yep, binder clips to help me set in my sleeves.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Knotty Cable Cardi

The Knotty Cable Cardi

The body length of this simple cardi design is waist length with a bit of a "swing", but has the option of hip length, the raglan sleeves are worked from shoulder down to allow the option of 3/4 sleeve or full sleeve with cuff options as well, and a very simple neckline to allow the cables to be the "star". One simple funky button closure makes this an everyday favorite! The pattern is "in-testing" now and hopefully will be available soon (along with Maude who's also "in-testing".)

With fall weather fast approaching,
I love the feel of a soft snuggly sweater!