Thursday, March 29, 2007

BellaOnline Interview

I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Kate Pullen of BellaOnline Crochet site . Check out Kate's site, my interview is here

The love for our craft is great, it shows no boundaries. I've connected with people all over the world because of it, Kate is across the pond, but it feels like she could be right next door.

Thank you Kate!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Pam receives a Jimbo Hook!

I am a proud owner of another fantastic Jimbo Hook! My newest is on the right, it is a size G, bigger grip, super smooth thumb pad and a darker wood. My first Jimbo, on the left, is a size H, lighter wood, rustic look, with littles knots in the wood (which I LOVE!)

Jimbo’s Front Porch is where you’ll find Jim’s handy work. If you’ve never used a wood hook, I urge you to try it, you’ll be amazed! Jimbo is getting pretty well know, he's featured in the latest isue of Belle Amiore magazine. Check out his blog and order or bid on one of his fantastic crochet hooks!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stash Bustin

I've revised this post from March 7th. I'm working on my Stash Bustin Coat, here are the stats:
Project Started: March 5th
Status: approx. 75% complete as of March 14th
Material: miscellaneous left over worsted weight yarn in various colors
Hook: Size H crochet hook
Stitch: Seed Stitch
Design: Simple Circle Design
Other pertinent info:
1. I wished I had included yellow yarn, I didn’t find my yellow yarn until way into this
2. I love the shape and the collar BUT I’m afraid the collar will fold over and cover the back circle too much.
3. I've never increased constantly with the Seed Stitch so I learned a bit, not sure if I'd
design a garment with this stitch in this technique.
4. I have the perfect antique broach to use as a front closure.
5. This Stash Bustin Coat is for me!

What’s Left?: The collar needs about 5 more inches and I need to complete the left sleeve.

(Post from March 7th)
Left over balls of yarn in a rainbow of colors,
all mixed together just waiting for something to happen.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm in the Burnsville Magazine!

(picture is clickable)

I’m thrilled with this feature (albeit very small feature, its ‘press’ none the less!) The spring issue of Burnsville Magazine is out, I’m on page 23, titled “Knotty Creations”. The main article is on Paul Ryan, who’s a fellow Burnsville resident and host of Kitchen Renovations on the DIY Network.

It was such a treat to talk with the editor of the magazine, Amber Bromeland, she is super sweet and made our interview fun. The photo was taken at Zandy’s Yarn Etc. in Burnsville, and the photographer Tate Carlson was such a pro. I’m honored to be include in this magazine, makes me proud to be doing what I’m doing!

I’m smiling ear to ear tonight!