Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Knotty Business Cards

My New Knotty Business Cards

Of course, they needed a carrying case! I used some left over Paton’s Merino Wool in Deep Olive, a size G crochet hook, had about a ½ hour of time, a quick cable stitch, and here is my little business card wristlet. (Note my new wicker basket with cloth liner, no more yarn snags on my wicker!)

Me = Happy

Friday, January 26, 2007

Knit-Out & Crochet 2007

I’m so excited for this event, I can hardly stand it!! I live about 10 minutes from the Mall of America. Are there any folks out there going? Please say YES! Seriously, I can hardly stand it!

I would love to meet some of my on-line friends, especially Minnesota crocheters and I’d like to see what the interest level is for forming a CGOA Chapter for the Twin Cities. A few years ago, there was a small group of ladies that met at the Black Bear Crossing in St. Paul on the 1st Wednesday of the month, but I think that group does not meet anymore. Does anyone know more about a CGOA Chapter in MN? I can’t find a thing.

OK, back to this event, the MOA (Mall of America) is the perfect place, not just because it is close to my house, but it has the amenities; hotels, restaurants, tons o’ space, BUT get this, no yarn shops! I don’t think they sell any yarn at the MOA, so I’m hoping this event might get someone’s gears ticking and a yarn shop opens up there.

I hope to see and meet some of you at the MOA on Feb. 17th and 18th. Email me or leave a comment and we can arrange a meeting spot!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The "Back in the Saddle" Show

Well... our first show will air tomorrow! Back in the Saddle - Episode DUCT-#214 on Jan. 19th 10:30am CT on HGTV and the "do it yourself" info. is now posted on DIY's website, HERE so I feel I can safely spill the beans! I’ve been busting at the seams waiting to post pictures and tell you all about what projects I did for Uncommon Threads.

My shipment of seagrass!
Here I am just opened my shipment of seagrass from Atkinson’s Country House (this is Baby Seagrass OOO-SGOOB) I embark on my stepouts for the Seagrass Cowgirl Hat. I develop a deep callous (on top of my permanent callous) shred and fray skin on several fingers, bleed occasionally and develop a greater appreciation for soft yummy yarn.

The Step-Outs
Step-outs allow you to demo your project in a progressive manner, giving the illusion that you are creating it right there on the set, as they film. I don’t think we are really fooling anyone, but it seems to work on TV!

The Seagrass Cowgirl Hat and Matching Bag
I finish the matching bag and feel I've completed it "as I had envisioned it." We originally pitched the cowrie shell band on the hat, but we all agreed that black ribbon/sash looked smashing with the black handle on the matching bag. This is such a smart set, it goes with several colors and has an elegant look (contrary to the “cowgirl” tag.) I did re-attach the handles to the handbag, they looked a little wonky. The hat also got scrunched in-flight, the sides bend a bit. The pictures on DIY website don't look the best, it almost looks green, but the true color of this segrass is coming through in the photos here.

Looking out the window, my son Drew takes this picture in August 2006, I’m finally done with my seagrass hat, the matching bag, I breathe a sigh of relief and now have a few days before I fly to L.A. to shoot the episodes. In this picture I look calm but I begin to get the butterflies as I realize this is really going to happen!

----addition to post-----episode pictures via my TV set----

This is the very begining of the show.

"Side shot"

Talking about seagrass.

Me and Drew watching Allison on her sewing project.

The end of the show, we have alittle show and tell.
Amie shows her SUPER COOL bike seat cover and Amelia, her very sexy summer top, the pattern is available on her website. Drew's funky handbag grabs Allison's attention.
We all have fun "showing and telling!"

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Slipper Frenzy

When your tooties are cold, warm them up in some yarn,
but first knot that yarn into something cute!

As you can probably tell, I love slippers! My mom always knit slippers for us kids, we'd wear them out, she'd knit more, every winter, we loved our slippers. Over the years, I’ve made several myself, when I wear them out, I crochet more. Made a few for family and friends. I love the “Mary Jane Slippers” and now I've crocheted a few without the strap for a “Ballerina Slipper”. These are super quick and oh so cute!

The great thing about slippers is they don’t take up too much yarn and not too much time, plus scrap yarn is perfect. For the slippers pictured above, The Black Ballerina Slippers are worsted weight yarn mixed with Bernat Boucle. The Grey Mary Janes are made with 2 strands of Lion Brand Homespun.

I'll post the crochet pattern for the Mary Jane Slippers (plus the Ballerina Slipper option) becasue I've had several requests for the pattern and they are super easy.

Minnesota winters require slippers! Today it is 5 degrees! Burrrr!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Black Mini Duffel

  • Caron Simply Soft yarn in black
  • size G crochet hook
  • Mini Duffel Crochet Pattern
  • 1 hour of crochet time (while watching Knitty Gritty and Uncommon Threads)
  • cute little vintage pin from my grandmother Beth Tohal
  • a new favorite