Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Guild Meeting and Gifts

Our 2nd CGOA Twin Cities Chapter meeting was held on Dec. 15th at 3 Kittens Needle Arts in St. Paul. We had a lot of fun, Carla kept us laughing as we worked on WIPs. I'm also posting some recently completed projects that are gifts, and I'm pretty sure the receivers do not read my blog, so I'm safe with posting pictures.

Dec. 07 CGOA Twin Cities Chapter - from left to right: Carmelle, me, Patti, Gail, and Carla.

Triangle Shawl - Christmas gift for Sister-In-Law

Seagrass Handbag - Christmas gift for Mother-In-Law

Newborn Beret and Mary Jane Booties- gift for friend expecting baby girl in Jan. 08

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ribbed Collar Cardi

I realize this looks like a lot of the designs out there, but I just had to do this one. It was on my mind and in my sketch book for over a year, was re-designed and then brought back to it's original form last month. I posted earlier a "sleeve sneak peak" and my comment was not to mess with the original idea. The only difference was I sketched it in black.

This yarn color is periwinkle and I love it because I have nothing like it! I paired this with white, black and navy and it looks great with all colors (underneath) and it goes great with jeans.

Ribbed Collar Cardi details
- Pattern Sizes: S, M, L, 1X, 2X
- Yarn: Ella Rae Amity
- Hook: H/8 (5mm)
- Features: Ribbed Collar, 1 button closure, set-in bell sleeves
- Pattern availability: Early 2008
- My enjoyment level in making design: 100% delighted

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Fuchsia & Blues Jacket

I'm thrilled to announce my design "Fuchsia and Blues Jacket" will be in
Interweave Crochet Magazine Winter 2007.

Seems like ages since I worked on this design! This is a very simple design, easy to crochet and works up quick. The yarn used in this sample bursts of color, a lot of color. It surely captures your attention!

There are several yarn choices with Colinette Prism, I LOVE Neptune and Fire.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hat and Scarf Sets

Classic Cloche and Shell Scarf

Classic Beret and Cable Scarf

When it gets cold outside, why not look fabulous with a classic! Classes and patterns for each hat/scarf set will be offered through 3 Kittens this winter.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sleeve Sneak Peak

Sometimes its best not to mess with the original idea.

I created this cardigan design over a year ago, I made one, but I ripped it, re-designed it for something new and exciting, but ended up ripping it again and came back to my original design. I love the sleeves, here is a sneak peak.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Double Sided Cable Scarf

My newest pattern is a modified version of my old cable scarf, which has one sided cables. My new double sided cable scarf looks so much better! I've paired this scarf with a classic beret pattern and hopefully will be offering it through 3 Kittens Needle Arts very soon. (with a class too!)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Guess What Pattern I'm Testing?

Guess what pattern I'm testing? Christmas is coming. I have several slipper-loving family members. I also like to donate to my Mom's church fall craft bizarre. This picture doesn't include the 3 I made for myself. I should post a picture of the hand brace that I'm wearing. I think I'm going to crochet a wrist cover for my hand brace.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Red Scarf Project

When I saw Sandi Wiseheart’s Connections: A Red Scarf knit pattern on “Knitting Daily” I knew I had to create a crochet version of it.

If copying someone is a form of flattery, please note that I (heart) Sandi Wiseheart, her writing is witty and wise, hence her sur name? I love cables and when I see knitted cables I love the challenge of creating a crochet version. When I see a painting, pottery, architecture, or fabric with a cable pattern I like, I’ll study the image and interrupted it into crochet.

I’m just playing around and working on my crochet cable technique. I’m using this fuzzy worsted weight yarn and a H/8 (5mm) hook and I’d rather be using DK weight yarn and an E/4 or F/5 hook, BUT this was the only red yarn in my stash.

I found links to The Red Scarf Project and read about this great program. One of my fav designers, Lily Chin, is involved in it, apparently Oprah is too. Sounds like they had an overwhelming response, scarves are easy to make and the cause seemed to touch people’s hearts. Totally Warm Fuzzies!

Sandi's knitted Connections: A Red Scarf

My crochet version - the 2nd try. I doubt anything will materialize in pattern form,
again I'm just honing the design skills, one cable at a time.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Some Kind of Fluffy

Some Kind of Fluffy

**2 pictures below were added to post on 9/11/07**
Soft collar, 3/4 length sleeve, m

The back has a circle design, with a long ruffle.

Summer Crocheting Angst
It is hard to crochet when it’s hot out, especially a big fluffy project. I couldn’t stand the weight and added warmth of this sweater for more than a few rows, then I’d put it down and grab one of my (many) smaller projects. I think I completed 1 pair of baby socks, 2 pair of baby booties, another BICO (Baby its Cold Outside) baby cardigan, a hat for my son Tyler, a belt for myself, and several swatches for potential projects. Yep, all that in between this fluffy mass of warm yarn.

Well, finally she’s done. I probably won’t wear this for awhile. We were still swimming in the pool yesterday, it was almost 90 degrees in Minnesota! For lack of a better name, right now this mass of yarn is going to be called, Some Kind of Fluffy.

Crochet Classes at 3 Kittens Needle Arts in St. Paul
The crochet class schedule is posted on my side bar, check it out. I’d love to see some of you in a class or two. 3 Kittens is an awesome yarn shop, super selection with an expert staff and fantastic owners. Did I mention the porch out front and a coffee shop a few doors down?

"Speaking Engagement" at a local church
In January 2008, I will be speaking at a local church group about crochet and my involvement in Warm Up America. We are going to make 7” x 9” squares so we can assemble an American Flag Afghan to donate to the VA hospital in Minneapolis. I’ll post more about this!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Interweave Crochet - winter issue

I’m thrilled to tell you that I have a design accepted for the winter issue of Interweave Crochet! I've kept this a secret, but now I'll tell you this much....

I used Colinette's Prism - yum!
Colinette yarn is made in Wales, distributed by Unique Kolours, Ltd. Prism is bulky weight yarn with 70% wool and 30% cotton. The alternating thin/thick texture makes for a fantastic crochet fabric. It works up fast and is a dream to work with. The colors are vibrant and work best in a non-complicated stitch, in my humble opinion. The MSRP is $23.20 per 125 yrds. This yarn has a hand wash/dry flat care guide. I've worked with Colinette's Point Five and fell in love, I'd work with any of Colinette's fine yarns.

I promise I'll post pictures of my design once the magazine is released!
(I previously posted this was "fall/winter issue" but it is the winter issue. )

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Baby it’s Cold Outside by Julie Holetz
from Crochet Me

Talk about a quick and satisfying project! I love this baby sweater, the pattern from Crochet Me, designed by Julie Holetz, is well written and easy to follow. Instead of using Homespun, I used 2 strands of dk weight yarn from my stash. I made Mary Jane Baby Booties (my own pattern) to match.

Over at Crochetville, there were BICO (Baby It's Cold Outside) CALs (crochet alongs) and I predict the popularity of this cute and classic baby sweater will continue for years!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Episode #256 - Surf's Up

Episode #256 – Surf’s Up
Aired on HGTV on Aug. 7th at 6am CT

Even though this is the last of the 3 episodes to air on TV, this was the first filmed.
I'm really nervous here!

Me, Allison, Amie, and Drew

Amie's bikinis and Drew's draw-string bags, (or Drew-string bags!)
were so cool!

The project I did for this episode was cut from filming. It was a little
hacky sack (aka foot bag) I put the hacky in my Hot Pink Bracelet Purse
and it fit! Then, much to my regret, I tried to hacky.

I've reminded Drew and Amie that friends never let friends hacky
on national television.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Beach Theme Projects

Sea Shell Cell Phone Cozy
Yet another cell phone cozy! I love making these, you use up scrap yarn, it works up quick, and it is all very satisfying! I made this on a 2 hour car ride, no wasting time in a car, I always bring a little project. I've always loved cowrie shells, in fact I've used them in a few crochet clothing projects with a beach theme. Wish I could show you these designs, but I can't (yet!)

Capri Pants with a Crochet Shell Edge
Here is another quick little project; some old khaki capris, a little bored with them, used my trusty hole punch and crocheted a shell edge. I'm not done yet, still evaluating the colors, I do love the tan and browns but I'm searching for another light brown in my stash. I'll post a pic when they are completed.

***update 08-10-07*** I've completed my edges, turned out pretty good. I think next time I might sew an edge on instead of using the hole punch, I'm anticipating that when I wash them the holes might fray a bit.

Summer beach theme ideas, quick and satisfying!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bags with Chains

I'm revisiting an old pattern of mine, Bags with Chains. I've always loved Channel's handbags with chains and I had some extra dog chains, which I wore as necklaces back in the day (heavy metal daze that is.)

Anyhow, now a more respectable way to use my old dog chains and use up some scrap yarn. I'm working on a new bag with black cables and a silver dog chain. The black yarn does not show cables well but I love how it's turning out. Also crocheting one with cream cables but the chain doesn't go so well. My other option is black leather straps with the cream yarn, looks cool so far.

The bags above: the obvious black fun fur bag is cute but outdated, fun fur is so 80's. The 2nd is gray plaid using surface crochet technique, I like but could do better. Both have zippers and are lined.

You can never have too many bags!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Seagrass Cowgirl Hat Pattern

1 coil of Baby Seagrass 000 - SG200B will make a couple hats - order from
Atkinson's Country House http://www.sandyatkinson.com/index.html
2775 Riniel Road
Lennon, MI 48449
Local (Flint Area): 810-621-4947
Fax: 810-621-3058 / To Order: 800-832-3071

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
nx st = next stitch
inc = working 2 sts in same st

Placing the coil of seagrass fiber in a basket or other container before you begin will help keep the coil contained. Note: The beginning chain is the center top of the hat, and you work around the beginning center chain with increases in each end. The oval created is the top of the hat. The entire hat is worked in back loops only, from top to sides, then brim.

Round 1 – for beginning chain, loosely ch 13, start in 2nd ch from hook, sc each st to end of ch, then sc in back loop only on other side of the beginning chain, to end of row, now inc by adding 2 sc in your 1st st, then sc in back loops only, on the other side of beg ch, at end of this row inc by working 2 sc in last ch, sl st to close round, ch 1 for turning ch.

Round 2 – sc each st, back loops only to end of row, inc with 2 sc at end of row, then sc each st back loops only, and inc with 2 sc at other end of oval, sl st to close round, ch 1. (26 total sts)

Round 3 – repeat Round 2. (28 total sts)

Round 4- repeat Round 2 but now inc 2 times at end of oval. (32 total sts)
(Top of hat measures approx. 7” x 3” inches)

Rounds 5 to 11 – sc each st, remember back loops only, do not inc on sides anymore and omit turning chain, now you are working around and around to end (this makes it hard to count your sts and rows BUT you have no seam (36 total sts) (Sides of hat measures approx. 4” in length)

Round 12 – [1 sc, inc 1] back loops only, repeat to end (54 total sts)

Round 13 – sc each st, no increasing this round, back loops only (54 total sts)

Round 14 – [3 sc, inc 1] back loops only, repeat to end (64 total sts)

Rounds 15 to 17– sc each st, no increasing, back loops only (72 total sts)
(if you want your brim even wider, add another row of sc back loops only here)
Fasten off and weave in end.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

3 Kittens Karabella Kruise

The 3 K Kruise sponsored by 3 Kittens Needle Arts was a fantastic success! The staff at 3 Kittens went all out, from the decorations, the cute sailor hats, goodie bags, door prizes (which I won 1 of them, a Henna tatoos by JJ. Norma) cool vendors, and cute little Karabella yarn samples. I had samples of Aurora 4 which is 100% extrafine Merino wool. Another sample of Boise, which is 50% cashmere/50% superfine Merino wool. Then SuperYak, 50% yak/50% merino. The yarn samples were enough to knit/crochet up a swatch and get a good idea about the yarn texture. All 3 of the yarns I sampled were heaven to work with, I love Karabella yarn!

Berta Karapetyan

The cruise featured Berta Karapetyan, who founded Karabella Yarns in 1993. Berta is in New York City with clientele that includes Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Anna Sui, Banana Republic, and Gap. WOW!

Berta’s book Runway Knits has beautiful designs, several featured in the fashion show today. All stunning, high end fashion designs, I can see why Berta has gained the fantastic reputation she has.

The boat launched from Lilydale Yacht Club

Cis (one of the 3K owners) - Master of Ceremonies
Wearing a adorable top she knit with Karabella yarn!

Julie (one of the 3K owners)
Modeling a beautiful creation with Karabella yarn!

Tiffany and Janine - sailor hats and theme songs!

Tiffany and Janine had smiles all day, they made the cruise a big hit with their fun personalities, they treated everyone equal (crocheters and knitters alike!) and they did special yarn orders via Shawn (who stayed back at the shop, bless his hard working dear heart!) They even kept the shop open an extra hour to make sure all guests had their yarn!

Velia and Mary Jean
I made so many new friends!

Sheryl Lange Knitchique.

I also met Sheryl, she is a knit designer for 3 Kittens. Here she is modeling her Kaleidoscope Bag which is available through 3 Kittens web site. The color on this bag is amazing, it is felted and there is also a matching mini bag pattern. Very Cool!

Me and Steven

Always a treat to run into The Glitter Knitter Steven Berg owner of The Yarn Garage. He always has on the most smashing fashion of his own creation, he truly is the rock star of the yarn world! I'm wearing the latest version of the Wrap Tank Top, my exclusive crochet design for 3 Kittens.

A view from inside the boat

End of the fashion show

The end of the fantastic fashion show, a very proud team who pulled off a very elegant display of Berta's work. Cis was a natural at hosting, I think she's done this before!
Lets hope she does it again!