Thursday, June 29, 2006

Circle Pendant Necklace

This is so easy to make and if you use left over yarn from your stash, with just the cost of the pendant, it is easily under $5.00! I originally made this necklace over a year ago, every time I wear the teal one, I get compliments. When I say, “I made this myself” the usual response is “no way!” Well…”yes way!” Now go dig through your yarn stash, pick your fav color and make this circle pendant necklace! Make it choker length, or a little longer, either length, this is funky cool!

Circle Pendant Necklace

- Craft/jewelry circle pendant found at most craft stores for under $5.00.
- Any left over yarn, I used a sport weight for the teal circle necklace, and did hdc st, and for the black circle necklace I used a cotton yarn with a sc. The yarn amount depends on the desired length of necklace, for choker length, you don’t need much.
- Crochet hook – for sport weight yarn I used a D, cotton yarn I used a G.

Step 1 – Attach yarn from center of circle with a knot
Step 2 - do 2 sc around circle's center to secure yarn to begin 1st strap
Step 3 – ch 2, hdc 2, ch 2, turn
(*you can also do a sc, and ch 1 for turning chain)
Step 4 – repeat row of *hdc 2, ch2, turn* until it reaches 6 ½” to 7” for choker length
(*you can also make this necklace longer, just add more rows here)
Step 5 – fasten off and weave in ends
Step 6 – attach yarn as in Step 1, for the other strap
Step 7 – repeat steps 2-4. If you want to have a button closure, you need to make a button
hole, and this is super easy! At the end of last row, ch 4, then skip 2 sts, and sl st to
last st in row, if using sport weight ch 2, hdc back over the chain to widen the top of the
button hole, and then fasten off, weave in ends
Step 8 – Sew on a little button on opposite strap of strap with button hole.
(*you can also use Velcro as a closure, or leave tails and tie it in a bow)

____Addition to Post on 01-31-07________
I had a request to re-explain Step 1, thought I'd add a picture to help you visualize it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yep, I still look 40

Today I turned 41...I know, I don't look a day over 40.

I read my post from last year, when I turned the big 4-0 and it seems pretty much the same this year (minus the trip on the Harley.) I'm hanging out with my boys, Drew is 5, Tyler is 3 and we are playing army guys, swimming in the pool, eating PB & J's, all the good things in life. I've had a good year. I'm blessed with an awesome husband who supports my hobby/career, my kids are sweetness all wrapped up in sticky candy fingers, my extended family couldn't be more supportive, loving, and FUN! My dear friends from years back, always make me laugh and my new friends accept me for my quirky self.

So cheers to everyone in my life who've helped me make this a great year.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

O Ring Cami

Here she is, the O Ring Cami!

Here is what came of my "basket of goodies." She's light, airy and hugs your curves. I LOVE the lightness this thread provides, but I'm going to test my newest design again, with a thicker thread (or another type of yarn) because this thread is just too small to work with, in my opinion. Seems like it took forever to get done and I'm the inpatient type, I want my projects to work up quick!

This summer cami is a top trend this season, white is a HOT color right now. Metallic yarn is a hot trend this summer too, so the possibilities are endless! Normally I don't post my designs because they are all for my upcoming book, but I need to fund my yarn budget, so this pattern will be available soon, for sale. Stay tuned!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

An offer I couldn’t refuse!

Amie from NexStitch (check out her super cool crochet patterns and her blog ) emailed me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

There was a producer of a TV showing pursuing Amie to be on a new craft show on the DIY channel called Uncommon Threads

Then the producer asked if she knew any crochet designers who could be on the show(s) also, well bless Amie’s dear heart, she emailed me the offer I couldn’t refuse and we ran with it!! I can’t give out any details on what we’ve designed, but it’s all so totally cool, I don't think its ever been done before, we are breaking new ground and it's HOT!! I think we are really close to getting the final OK, they loved all the ideas we’ve put out. Sounds as if the filming is for 3 shows and will be in LA with a production company name Screen Door Entertainment sometime in August or September, and air time to TBD.

This sounds like a totally cool new show on the DIY channel, by the same folks that produce the awesome knitting show, Knitty Gritty with the super sweet Vickie Howell.

So my dear friends, I'm dreaming of LA sometime late this summer, hoping to demonstrate an origianl crochet design (or two) on TV. I can't believe how cool this is so totally good.