Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Become a member of Knotty Generation

The Knotty Generation is a group of crocheters who twist with the basics and take crochet to the next level. We are taking a trend and turning it into a way of life, connecting a tradition that in years past, was taught from mother to daughter for necessity, now we are embracing this as our own hobby, on our own terms, with some unique twists.

There is no application to join, there are no membership fees, I once stated "it's really a state of mind." But I've come up with a few requirements:

- You crochet to express yourself and your creativity

- You share your talent

- You have fun with it

In my book, I hope to include interviews and photos of members, along with their bit on the crochet movement.

Email me at and join the Knotty Generation! Once you receive your membership number you can take the membership button (on my main page) and proudly state you are A Member of Knotty Generation!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I do not qualify as I have a small sense of creativity; however, I have enough sense to know this is a good thing. Kudos to you for your creativity and your sense of sharing, "P".

During the recent winter break from study I actually made 4 dread tams (WOW) after a 20+ year hiatus from crocheting. Now I have folk asking me to make them one. I dunnno, school starts next week and I have a thesis to do in '07. It was fun for me while on break, but do not know that I want the pressure of orders. We'll see.

Keep up the good work, Pam.