Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Movie Theatre Shrug

For lack of a better name, for now this is the Movie Theatre Shrug.

Ever sit in a movie theatre, hot summer day/night, and they've got their AC on, set at probably 72? How about in a nice restaurant, you're wearing a sleeveless dress, or a cool summer tank and the AC is again, set at about 72? This is when you want a little something over your shoulders, not much, perhaps a shawl, a little caplet, or a shrug.

This design is an original, but needs to be re-worked a bit. This particular shrug was made of heavy chenille and it hangs at the sleeves, real bad. I'm thinking a lighter yarn, and slightly different collar design, slightly shorter front ties, and perhaps something other than DC stitch.
The re-design will be in my book. Stay tuned!

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