Friday, July 28, 2006

12 days to LA!!

The count down has begun; I have 12 days until I fly to LA to film 3 episodes of Uncommon Threads (NOTE to MY MOM; click on this link, this takes you to the DIY show listings, I’m not on there yet, but it is a real show on a real network, trust me, this is for real!)

Just to clarify that Note to MY MOM, she wasn’t’ sure if the show was legit and it may be folks just cruising the net to get free crochet patterns from unwittingly gullible crochet designers. She is just looking out for her baby, she says, “don’t sign your designs away to someone else” …well Mom, I did…just to get on TV….hope that is OK with you….did I tell ya I’m going to be on TV?!!

Eye Candy Above - I bought this burnt orange and brown shirt and hope to wear it on one of the episodes. I’m starting to put together outfits for taping, we have 3 shows, and they recommend we bring 5 outfits, so they can help pick and choose. What I think looks great might make me look like a 60’s hippie in a time warp, but then my other outfit makes me look like an office secretary from 1985, so where is my happy medium? I need to hire a ‘stylist’, ASAP!!!


Ellen Bloom said...

Pam! When are you going to be in L.A.? If possible, you must come to one of our West Hollywood Stitch 'n Bitch meetings! Where are you staying? One of our SnB'rs, Regina ( is taping an episode too!

Jimbo said...

I'm soooooo proud of you!! I'm about to go spring for cable just to watch!
Bytheway, i would like to brag you up in my blog and attach the link to the show. That ok??

Pam said...

Jim, you bet a link is OK, I still can't believe it is actually going to happen! Thanks for stopping by! -Pam

Pink said...

Have fun...I wish we got the DIY network...*note to self* ask neighbours, "can I borrow your DIY channel, please?"

Amie said...

A note to Pam's mom: Yep. It's for real!

Pam, I haven't thought about clothes yet. My mom gave her her credit card weeks ago and said, "Let me know what the damages are." but I can't see myself shopping just yet. I need to finish my step outs! And the clothes aren't what I need help with, it's the makeup. I don't wear any. It makes me itch. So I've been trying to wear some once a week, but of course I'm just clueless, so I think I'll be visiting the MAC counter and asking for "HELPppp!"

Brandy said...

I love the shirt... Good Luck with the DIY... I will definitely be watching for it. Also a couple of posts back you asked a question about where you store your projects. I found this big picnic basket at a rummage sale and it is perfect for storing stuff by my couch.

Anonymous said...

I so wish I got DIY!! Good luck!

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