Sunday, December 03, 2006

Mail from Argentina!

Imagine my surprise when I received mail from Buenos Aires, Argentina!! This special package warmed my heart. Vik from
is a fantastic knitter and crocheter, plays host to traveling folks who “google her” and then visit Argentina. Vik is a shinning example of sweetness, check out her blog and her projects! Her comments are always so encouraging and supportive, to everyone.

This every elegant Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament by Vik will hold a special spot this Christmas. Vik penned the sweetest poem, which I plan to honor. I have a feeling Vik may have sent a few others, so "at half past 3 on Christmas day, I will make a cup of tea" and there may be a group of crocheters, from around the world, thinking of each other, relishing in the fact that no matter how far away we are, we are friends, connected by the love of crochet.

Thank you Vik, you are a true sweet heart.


Mary said...

It doesn't suprise me Pam that you've made friends all over the world, YOUR comments are allways supportive too.

Happy Holidays Pam!

amie said...

WOW. I LOVE that! That's really, really nice. Yay! for having nice friends. Also, congrats on getting more patterns up here. Super cool!

Vik said...

Hello Pam! I´m glad my little gift arrived safe! I just wanted you to have something handmade from me. I think it´ll look good hanging on a window. And you´re right, we´ll be a pretty bunch of blogyfriends thinking on each other at 3! ;)

Justine said...

I totally agree with you Pam. Vik is a real sweetheart always kind and supportive, like you I must say! You two are really the nicest people I ever met online!! :-)