Thursday, August 09, 2007

Episode #256 - Surf's Up

Episode #256 – Surf’s Up
Aired on HGTV on Aug. 7th at 6am CT

Even though this is the last of the 3 episodes to air on TV, this was the first filmed.
I'm really nervous here!

Me, Allison, Amie, and Drew

Amie's bikinis and Drew's draw-string bags, (or Drew-string bags!)
were so cool!

The project I did for this episode was cut from filming. It was a little
hacky sack (aka foot bag) I put the hacky in my Hot Pink Bracelet Purse
and it fit! Then, much to my regret, I tried to hacky.

I've reminded Drew and Amie that friends never let friends hacky
on national television.


Anonymous said...

Way too funny, I saw that show, you looked like you were having fun. Love your bikini and bags.

Mimi said...

Nice shots, you look so good!

rina said...

I thought you look good on TV.

Karrie said...

I missed that episode.. Did you happen to video tape it or something? If so, can you put it on your site for everyone to see? I'd like that.

Sheila said...

You look great.

Jenny said...

I just watched it last night on Tivo. I loved the hakky-ing! That was the most excitement U.C. has ever had on the show! :)

Justine said...

Pam congrats! By the way you look really great!!!