Friday, September 21, 2007

Red Scarf Project

When I saw Sandi Wiseheart’s Connections: A Red Scarf knit pattern on “Knitting Daily” I knew I had to create a crochet version of it.

If copying someone is a form of flattery, please note that I (heart) Sandi Wiseheart, her writing is witty and wise, hence her sur name? I love cables and when I see knitted cables I love the challenge of creating a crochet version. When I see a painting, pottery, architecture, or fabric with a cable pattern I like, I’ll study the image and interrupted it into crochet.

I’m just playing around and working on my crochet cable technique. I’m using this fuzzy worsted weight yarn and a H/8 (5mm) hook and I’d rather be using DK weight yarn and an E/4 or F/5 hook, BUT this was the only red yarn in my stash.

I found links to The Red Scarf Project and read about this great program. One of my fav designers, Lily Chin, is involved in it, apparently Oprah is too. Sounds like they had an overwhelming response, scarves are easy to make and the cause seemed to touch people’s hearts. Totally Warm Fuzzies!

Sandi's knitted Connections: A Red Scarf

My crochet version - the 2nd try. I doubt anything will materialize in pattern form,
again I'm just honing the design skills, one cable at a time.


Mimi said...

A worthy project to support...
The knitted cables look very challenging indeed...I can't even figure out how you did it in crochet!

Sheila said...

Loving the cables... its something about them that makes an item look so rich.

Mary said...

I need to learn cables!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pam,
I think you are on to something! I love the red scarf project concept! Everyone needs a little TLC once in a while!
Hope to talk to you soon!
Love, Sister Sue

Ellen Bloom said...

Excellent crochet version of the cable pattern! You are a Crochet Queen!!!


I like your conversion of the cable pattern.

Well thought out.

ladylinoleum said...

I think it looks great Pam!

Criosa said...

lovely! I love Sandi's design and you're crochet interpretation. cables in crochet, eh? I may need to have you teach me next time we meet up ;)

(dare I mention that the top cables over/under don't match? too much time studying Celtic knotwork, methinks!)