Friday, March 21, 2008

Noro Silk Garden Lite

I love Noro Silk Garden Lite, I purchased a ball from my LYS for swatching purposes, I have an idea for a garment design, so the sketch pad is out, the perfect yarn is at my fingertips, and I swatch and swatch, and then rip, and swatch and rip and swatch and rip.

I ended up crocheting this scarf after my swatches didn't match my design idea, so it is back to the drawing board. But hey, at least I'll have a super cool spring scarf!

Have you ever knit or crocheted with Noro Silk Garden Lite? The colors are stunning!


Rina said...

Yes I have just recently and first time too. My recent project with Noro Silk Garden Lite was a stripe scarf. It's beautiful colors.

I love that yarn.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

I adore your scarf--the way the stitch pattern meshes with the color changes is just amazing--I hope you publish a pattern!


Anonymous said...

I love Noro yarn, nice scarf pattern.!

Annette said...

I haven't tried this yarn yet, but it's great news! Noro yarns have unique colours (and colour changes), and this weight is, IMHO, so much more appropriate for crochet than their other yarns.

Lovely scarf!

Anonymous said...

I have the darndest time finding Noro Silk Garden around here. Apparently, the shop owners don't like the way Noro or it's distributors does orders so they won't stock it. I guess I'll have to order some directly. Lovely scarf, btw. You always make the most beautiful things.