Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Strapped for Bags, Vol. 1

I am so proud to announce that another e-booklet with fabulous crochet patterns from some of the best crochet minds, is available now. Straight From Today's Designers has completed another pattern booklet, this one is all about hand bags (this is volume 1, look for volume 2 and 3 in the future!)

  • Carrie A. Sullivan - Casual Mosaic Shoulder Bag
  • Christy McMahon - Felted Fringe Purse
  • Gwen Blakley-Kinsler - DIY Art Crochet Purse
  • Margaret Hubert – Bow Tie Bag
  • Myra Wood – Eco/Shopping StashBag
  • Noreen Crone-Findlay - Filet Crochet Dancing Lady Market Bag
  • Pam Gillette – Suede Bag

Strapped for cash? Need a new handbag? We have the solution for you. 7 fun and stylish crocheted handbag patterns straight from today’s designers into your inbox for $10.00!

  • 16 pages with color pictures, schematics, charts, and tutorials
  • 3.5MB file size
  • Opens in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or later
I worked with crafting suede, a leather hole punch, and created an interesting combination where you can use your crafting skills along with your crochet skills. Below is a picture of my hand bag for this e-booklet, The Suede Bag. I've played with crafting suede and crocheting around it for a few years now, then I'd put it aside, work on another one of the many WIPs. Then suddenly find it again, and think ..."wow, I've got to do something with this!" So finally, a place where this technique can be utilized! Check out the bags, the crochet designers, and check back for the next 2 volumes of the Strapped for Bags series from Straight From Today's Designers.


kansas crochet mom said...

OMG I love it!!

Nudista said...

I'll definitely have to check it out!

You've been tagged for the 6 quirky things meme!

Sheila said...

The last handbag is 2df... absolutely gorgeous... will check out the e-book.

Mama Joy said...

nice bag!

AnneRose said...

WOW!! I love it!
Congrats! on the e-books...

Anne and Brian