Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hats from Ravelry Friends

Ann Marie from New Jersey

Diane from Connecticut

Ellen from California

Susan from Arizona

Sherry from Virginia

All woman crafters. All like me, they see the world a better place by being nice.

This is their Rav Group Details:

Know someone who could use a lift? We do! Crochet a cap for a fellow Rav friend and make their day.

Sometimes charity begins at home! Many of you know Pam Gillette who is Knotty Generation through her blog and her wonderful crochet designs. Pam discovered last month that she has stage 3 breast cancer. We thought it would be nice if her Rav friends crocheted some “fun” caps that she could wear while she’s in treatment--a way to lift her spirits and get her through recovery.

Knitters and crocheters are a giving group, often working for charity and forgetting ourselves. Here’s a chance to give back to a fellow Raveler. Once Pam is on the mend, or even while she is ON the mend, there may be another Raveler who can use a similar thoughtful gesture. Let’s see where this goes!

This is what I wrote on the Raverly site where these women formed to begin a campaign to help folks like me, a Raverly member needing a hug, in the form of a hand made warm hat to cover a chemo induced bald head.

I can not begin to write how I feel right now, but I will try.

Today, a beautifully wrapped pink package, with a cream satin bow, hardly able to unwrap because it is beauty itself. Once unwrapped and the contents shown, tears filled my eyes from friends hardly known, but today I know you … you are just like me. We are “every woman”, we are crafters, we care, we love, we are not afraid to show it, this is how the entire world should be.

I am so blessed to have your thoughts and now your beautiful work, thank you, thank you, thank you.

A very thankful and blessed,
-Pam Gillette from Knotty Generation


Ellen Bloom said...

You are ROCKING those hats, Pam! I just knew you'd look super beautiful in my little hat. I'm so glad you received our gifts. Take care, Sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome. You look so cute! I'm glad they found such a great model and hope they make you feel better. Heal, woman! Ann Marie (can't remember my password again!)

Sherry said...

So Awesome!

You look beautiful!