Sunday, February 12, 2006

Celtic Cross Granny Square

I have always been intrigued with Celtic knots and the Celtic cross. Two years ago I began to design crochet pieces with knots and crosses. I think the Celtic cross is beautiful; the ornamental value is stunning. For me, it's not necessarily the religious aspects, it is pure beauty. The symbolism of the Celtic cross is varied and everyone can interrupt it in their own way. Many believe the circle behind the cross is the symbol of eternity, others believe it emphasizes the endlessness of God's love. Others say the Celtic crosses were carved from the standing stones on the lands of the Druids and were phallic symbols. I've read that the New Age interpretations suggest the circle is the symbol of the sun and the cross itself relates to the 4 navigational directions (north, south, east, west) or possibly the 4 corners of the mother earth. Check out the great info. on this site

While others believe that the Celtic cross was an ancient instrument that kept time, created the zodiacs, was used in mathematical equations, used to navigate the oceans and ultimately help design the great pyramids. Check out this great site and read about it.

For me, it is pure ornate beauty.

In designing my Celtic Cross Granny Square, I wanted the ornate look and feel to be obvious. I wanted the cross to extend out, raised up, visually and texturally. I also needed to boarder the cross to make it a true Granny Square. So, like the Celtic Knot Granny Square, I’ve done at least 5 versions, this is the latest and I like it, but I’ve got one more version to design, this one has no boarder and the cross looks like it is floating inside the square. I have also created a necklace with just the Celtic cross, no boarder, it’s cool.


Anonymous said...

There's beauty in simplicity, isn't there? Lovely square. :)

Terri-LadySorce said...

LOVE the Celtic square!!!!!

Funny thing about the "100 things..." I can think about a few more items I should have added.. lol
Are you "Crones Crochet Circle"?