Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Helmet Liners for our troops

*Update to Post*
This is a picture of me and my mom Audrey, holding our helmet liners.
Mom's is knit with some fancy ribbing, both are made of wool.

Helmet Liners for our Troops

I felt this overwhelming need to add to my charity work (my main one is Warm Up America ) so my Mom and I decided to make a few of the helmet liners for our troops. My Mom knits, I crochet, and both patterns on that site need some refining. I emailed the organization for the helmet liners, but the lady who answered my email cannot crochet and she had no updates or changes to the crochet pattern. I ended up finishing it, adjusting the pattern a bit.

Here is a picture of my very simple helmet liner, nothing fancy, but for the military folks facing harsh winters across the world, I don’t think they want scalloped edges, cables or fancy embellishments. I need to say I DO NOT SUPPORT WAR but I DO support our troops.
Here is the pattern; I did not test it, anyone interested in testing this pattern for me?

Size K/10 ½ (6.5mm) crochet hook and 100% wool yarn, I used Patons Classic Wool Merino in Deep Olive, approx. 1 ¼ skeins, (each skein is 223 yards, so approx. 279 yards)

NOTE from the website: The headgear our military issues are made of synthetic fibers and our troops are still cold. Use soft 100% worsted weight wool yarn, wool wicks away moisture and is non-flammable. The temperatures they endure are below zero in Iraq, Afghanistan, S. Korea and Kosovo.

Round 1: with yarn, form a ring around your finger, work 6 scs in ring then pull tail to tighten circle (note: there is no turning ch and no joining rounds)
Round 2: 2 scs in each of the next 6 sts (12 total sts)
Round 3: *sc in next st, 2 scs in next st* repeat * to * 6 times (18 total sts)
Round 4: *sc in next 2 sts, 2 scs in next st* repeat * to * 6 times (24 total sts)
Round 5: *sc in next 3 sts, 2 scs in next st* repeat * to * 6 times (30 total sts)
Round 6: *sc in next 4 sts, 2 scs in next st* repeat * to * 6 times (36 total sts)
Round 7: *sc in next 5 sts, 2 scs in next st* repeat * to * 6 times (42 total sts)
Round 8: *sc in next 6 sts, 2 scs in next st* repeat * to * 6 times (48 total sts)
Round 9: *sc in next 7 sts, 2 scs in next st* repeat * to * 6 times (54 total sts)
Round 10: *sc in next 8 sts, 2 scs in next st* repeat * to * 6 times (60 total sts)
Round 11: *sc in next 9 sts, 2 scs in next st* repeat * to * 6 times (66 total sts)
Round 12: *sc in next 10 sts, 2 scs in next st* repeat * to * 6 times (72 total sts)
This is the flat top of the helmet liner, measures approx. 7” across.
Rounds 13–25: sc in each st working in rounds, no turning chain and no joining. This is the side of the helmet liner, measures approx. 4” down from the top.
Round 26: for eye hole, measure at least 7 inches in front, place a marker/pin, count the stitches you will skip which is approx 25 sts, then chain 27, attach chain to marker/pin at 7” mark and sc each st, then cont. to Round 27.
Rounds 27-34:
continue sc each st, remember no turning ch, no joining (which sometimes can get hard to tell what round your on, so have stitch markers handy if you'd like.)
Rounds 35-37:
sc until you reach the middle of the helmet liner, decrease 2 times, by working 2 sctog twice (this is for chin) in the middle of front of hat, then cont. sc each st (sorry this is so vague, use your tape measure to find the middle.)
Rounds 38 – 56: Continue sc around until piece measures 9 inches from eye hole to bottom of helmet liner. Fasten off and weave in ends.

Please note, I did not test this pattern, anyone interested in testing this pattern for me?

Send completed helmet liners to:

P.O. Box 236
Auburn, IL 62615


Amie said...

What a great idea. You're such a great person to do the charity work you do. I'm sure whoever gets the liner will feel totally blessed for having it. I'm wondering if I have any wool yarn to make one of these. Did you post this on Crochetville? I bet you could get some other people to make one. It might even be a good scrap project for those with lots of half skeins lying around.

Mary said...

Pam, ...nothing fancy...but ya know what? Someone who needs it will think it's grand.

Ellen Bloom said...

Your helmet liners are great! I made some scarves to send to the troops. Feels good to bust the stash and contribute!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Pam! I think I have some stash wool stored away somewhere.

rina said...

WOW Pam,
that's such a great idea. You're such a sweet.

Vik said...

Soldiers must be touched when they get handmade things like these ones...

Chie said...

Hi Pam!
I think those helmet liners are awesome! I recently made a little charity piece, and it made me feel good. :)
I used to crochet/knit with mom and my sister. :) I miss it.
Pam, I thought your hair looks shorter, but I'm not sure it really is!

Pam said...

Thanks Chie, it's great to be able to share this with my mom, her knitting walks circles around my crochet, she is an expert! Well my hair isn't shorter, it just looks like that in the pic, I'm such a chicken and have not cut my hair (per the advice of an LA stylists!)

ladylinoleum said...

This is wonderful!

KnitPastis said...

Very thoughful Pam! They look so cool and any of our troops will be proud to have one.
Did you get your hair cut? If you did, I love it! That is the style I have been trying to talk myself into. Had it before but hubby thinks I will be mad at myself for cutting my hair short. You never know:)You look so good.

vicki said...

thanks for the pattern pam, this last winter i made with a little help 50 helmet liners and sent them to afghanistan, i made 43 of those myself, what a great feeling it is to be able to give something back to those who are laying their lives on the line. thanks again for all of the special things you do hugs

Colisa said...

Helmet Liners for our Troops

has moved to:

and your crocheted helmetliner is not there:(

I don't knit and I was very excited about your Balaclava

Thank you