Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Slipper Frenzy

When your tooties are cold, warm them up in some yarn,
but first knot that yarn into something cute!

As you can probably tell, I love slippers! My mom always knit slippers for us kids, we'd wear them out, she'd knit more, every winter, we loved our slippers. Over the years, I’ve made several myself, when I wear them out, I crochet more. Made a few for family and friends. I love the “Mary Jane Slippers” and now I've crocheted a few without the strap for a “Ballerina Slipper”. These are super quick and oh so cute!

The great thing about slippers is they don’t take up too much yarn and not too much time, plus scrap yarn is perfect. For the slippers pictured above, The Black Ballerina Slippers are worsted weight yarn mixed with Bernat Boucle. The Grey Mary Janes are made with 2 strands of Lion Brand Homespun.

I'll post the crochet pattern for the Mary Jane Slippers (plus the Ballerina Slipper option) becasue I've had several requests for the pattern and they are super easy.

Minnesota winters require slippers! Today it is 5 degrees! Burrrr!


kansas crochet mom said...

love them! I was just saying the other day how I needed some slippers. Now I can make some! :)

Xia Diaz said...

I love them! I need to make a pair for myself!

Linda Lewis said...

I need this pattern really bad! I have tried to make slippers before and can see to get the heel. I'll come back later and check for the post.

Netter said...

Oh I loooove the MAry Jane slippers!

nutnoh said...

Hi - will you ever post the pattern for those slippers? I love them!

Gervais said...

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