Friday, January 26, 2007

Knit-Out & Crochet 2007

I’m so excited for this event, I can hardly stand it!! I live about 10 minutes from the Mall of America. Are there any folks out there going? Please say YES! Seriously, I can hardly stand it!

I would love to meet some of my on-line friends, especially Minnesota crocheters and I’d like to see what the interest level is for forming a CGOA Chapter for the Twin Cities. A few years ago, there was a small group of ladies that met at the Black Bear Crossing in St. Paul on the 1st Wednesday of the month, but I think that group does not meet anymore. Does anyone know more about a CGOA Chapter in MN? I can’t find a thing.

OK, back to this event, the MOA (Mall of America) is the perfect place, not just because it is close to my house, but it has the amenities; hotels, restaurants, tons o’ space, BUT get this, no yarn shops! I don’t think they sell any yarn at the MOA, so I’m hoping this event might get someone’s gears ticking and a yarn shop opens up there.

I hope to see and meet some of you at the MOA on Feb. 17th and 18th. Email me or leave a comment and we can arrange a meeting spot!


Mary said...

Hi Pam,
Kaye and I plan to go on Sunday. We can talk at Tiny Tots next week set a meeting place. The MOA's web site shows it the main area for this, will be the Rotunda, they usually set up seating when there is a big event, so maybe we can meet in there, in the seating area, then maybe get lunch?

aj said...

Ooooh I might be game! I just moved to the area and the MOA is about 15-20 mins from my house. This would be a fun way to meet other yarnies!

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived nearby! Have fun!

Laura said...

Have you checked with the Textile Center regarding a CGOA chapter or, at least, some other crochet group that you could meet up with?

3 Kittens Needle Arts

kansas crochet mom said...

Wish I lived closer! I would so be there.

rina said...

I'm definitely going. Wonder if Nancy and the SnB Burnsville will tag along.

busyHSmom said...

Boo! Hoo! That's a bit of a drive from NC! ;-P Wish I could be there.

Jimbo said...

i'd be there in a heartbeat.... if a flash would just carry me a thousand or so miles.
Sea Grass!! Just amazing! Hope your fingers heal.

CroQueen69 said...

Love to be there but I'm in NYC!