Thursday, March 29, 2007

BellaOnline Interview

I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Kate Pullen of BellaOnline Crochet site . Check out Kate's site, my interview is here

The love for our craft is great, it shows no boundaries. I've connected with people all over the world because of it, Kate is across the pond, but it feels like she could be right next door.

Thank you Kate!


Juanita said...

Great interview! I love the idea of different takes on the sweater set...can't wait to see the book.

Mary said...

Great interview Pam!

Mimi said...

Congrats Pam, its wonderful!

busyHSmom said...

You busy little bee! I haven't been around lately because I have been swamped! I stop by and just look at all the goodies and activities that you have been making and doing! Love the stash busting coat.

Be sure to drop by my blog and get a look-see at the costumes I made for the Historical Ball.

Oh, and about those Jimbo hooks...I am GREEN with envy! Are they really as good as folks say???

Rae said...

Really great article on you Pam, I can't wait to hear more (and eventuallly see) your sweater sets collection!

Griffin said...

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