Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stash Bustin

I've revised this post from March 7th. I'm working on my Stash Bustin Coat, here are the stats:
Project Started: March 5th
Status: approx. 75% complete as of March 14th
Material: miscellaneous left over worsted weight yarn in various colors
Hook: Size H crochet hook
Stitch: Seed Stitch
Design: Simple Circle Design
Other pertinent info:
1. I wished I had included yellow yarn, I didn’t find my yellow yarn until way into this
2. I love the shape and the collar BUT I’m afraid the collar will fold over and cover the back circle too much.
3. I've never increased constantly with the Seed Stitch so I learned a bit, not sure if I'd
design a garment with this stitch in this technique.
4. I have the perfect antique broach to use as a front closure.
5. This Stash Bustin Coat is for me!

What’s Left?: The collar needs about 5 more inches and I need to complete the left sleeve.

(Post from March 7th)
Left over balls of yarn in a rainbow of colors,
all mixed together just waiting for something to happen.


Ellen Bloom said...

oooo...pretty. What's it gonna be? A handbag, pillow, rug, back of a cocoon jacket? Inquiring minds need to know!

Pam said...

Interesting you ask Ellen, I had originally thought a little circle bag, then gosh, I've got so many scraps that I'd have enough for a pillow or rug, (and it's sturdy enough for a rug)

BUT as I keep going, I've decided to make this a Stash Bustin' Coat, in circular cocoon form, with black sleeves, all done in the crochet "seed stitch". I'll post more as I progress!

Sheila said...

I can't wait to see the finished project... great idea though on stash busting.. maybe use my remnants on a rug or pillow... thanks for idea.

Mary said...

I love the circle design, plus loads of color, very nice!

Marcy Goodwyn said...

I followed a link from Bella Online Crochet Newsletter, I'm in Iowa, we're neighbors! I have a huge stash of misc yarn from my MIL and not sure what to do with it, what is this circle? I'd like to hear your ideas of how to use this yarn in some patterns. Glad I found you!

Chie said...

Oooh, I love what I see, and I can't wait to see the finished coat! :)
I really like your design a lot!

Ellen Bloom said...

Pam...the jacket looks great! I don't think the collar obscures the circle on the back too much. It's called "mystery."

By the "seed stitch" do you mean sc 1, dc 1 and then the reverse on the next row?
do you mean a type of linen stitch, which is sc1, ch 1, etc., then on the next row you sc in the ch1 spaces, etc.

Inquiring minds need to know!

Pam said...

Thanks everyone for the sweet comments!

Ellen, this seed st is 1 dc, 1sc, then reverse for next row. I love the texture!

I've started the 2nd sleeve 03-17-07

Catherine/Yarncat said...

Awesome coat,Pam!

Xia Diaz said...

For left over yarn, this project looks great. Someday I hope to have your talent!!

Juanita said...

The Stash Bustin Coat is fabulous! Nice colors. I was wondering if those increases were tricking using the seed did a great job!

Marvin said...

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