Thursday, April 19, 2007

Manos Del Uruguay Yarn

Today I’m working with this fabulous yarn from Uruguay. Manos del Uruguay handcrafted kettle dyed pure wool is spun from a luxurious blend of Merino and Corriedal wool.
Manos Del Uruguay
Yardage: 3.5 ounces/138 yards
Content: 100% Pure Wool

I do not have a ball winder, (well, actually I do, his name is Scott and he’s my husband. But I can’t use him very often, cause helping the wife with her yarn isn’t a very manly job, but somewhat of a necessity to keep the Mommy happy, cause we all know if the Mommy is happy the house is happy.) Just a side note.

Anyhow, the color of this yarn is so rich (AND a bonus; the color matches this room in my house!) I am crocheting a summer top with a fitted bodice, an empire waist that goes about hip length. This summer top design is very basic, it’s all over the place, in stores, other crochet patterns, but I wanted to work on increasing with a fan stitch. I’ve worked out the kinks and feel really good about designing and increasing with fan stitches now.

Some days do you feel like acrylic but you really want to be cashmere? Well today I’m feeling like an acrylic blend, tomorrow I’m sure I’ll feel more like cashmere.

No knots in yarn, only the intended ones.


Noreen Crone-Findlay said...

Pam, you need a swift and a nostepinne! Swifts are great for replacing the outstretched hands of the reluctant spouses, and Nosties are splendido 'lo-tech' ball winders. I love mine, and actually reach for it instead of the regular crank handle ball winder. Well, part of the reason for that is because my DH turned it for me on the lathe (with the handle part shaped like a little person), and I burned a charming little face etc.
But that's another story! LOL!

Gorgeous couch btw!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you could use a couple manos for your manos there. What a gorgeous color! Increasing with fans? I'm sure that would be over my head! Can't wait to see the FO.

Dave Lowe said...

"MANOS DEL URAGUAY"? Listen Lady, I love Sci fi stuff as much as the next guy. But now your speaking in some crazy Trekkie Klingon language?

My head hurts figuring out this crochet/knitting as I need a translator?

Anonymous said...

No hablas espanol? It means "hands of Uruguay." It is a well-know store in Montevideo and Punta del Este. Beautiful products. Very high quality.

ladylinoleum said...

First and foremost you need to invest in a swift and ball winder. It'll be the best investment you'll ever make. Trust me. Second I love Manos! That is one of my staples. Glad you love it too.

Teri said...

Can't wait to see the finished product!

I just ordered myself a swift because I am tired to trying to find someone to hold my yarn for me while I wind it. I am hoping I will enjoy using it and I think I will. I will let you know!

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning and the Tv was on HGTV instead of the Today show! Who was I watching on uncommon threads at 7am--you! (This is NY/NJ time, by the way). I have been following and enjoying your blog for several months. You are an inspiration. I used to weave and loved Manos, now just crochet when I can get up the energy and find the time! Keep inpsiring us, Pam!

Justine said...

I really love the shade you picked, beautiful! Can't wait to see your job finished!