Monday, June 25, 2007

The Husband and The Harley

This was a "no kids weekend." It was all about The Husband, the Harley and the Lake. We rode the Harley to Duluth. Our destination was Lutsen Resort. This is one of our favorite spots; excellent food, bonfires on the beach at night, rock hunting (I love rocks) and a fantastic view of Lake Superior.
Scott and me on the North Shore of Lake Superior

We headed up further north to Grand Marais and had lunch at the Gunflint Tavern, walked around the bay, a little more rock hunting and sightseeing. Then a highlight (for me, not Scott) a stop at Raven’s Beak Yarn Shop. The owner Linda Bauer is a very talented designer, judging by the designs in her shop. She mentioned she had more designs, hoped to possibly expand on their availability. If you ever get to Grand Marais, stop by Raven’s Beak Yarn Shop, Linda is there 6 days a week. She’ll talk with you like you’re a long lost friend, she is very sweet.

Me outside Raven's Beak Yarn Shop in Grand Marais, Minnesota

Then we went up further north to Grand Portage, where we tried to get into Canada, but Canada has a helmet law for motorcycles and we did not have our helmets, so we only made it to the boarder patrol, they send us back. Oh well, it was worth the drive. We made our way back down Hwy 61 along Lake Superior. It is a beautiful drive, a great weekend with my husband, the Harley, and no kids.

The breathtaking view at Grand Portage, Minnesota

I missed my kids something awful, now I’m back home, back to laundry, dishes, cleaning, and making PB & J’s. I've had crochet withdrawl! You can't bring much on a Harley, so no crocheting for me this weekend, it was tough but worth it!


Teri said...

Hi Pam! Looks like you had an awesome vacation! I had no idea that you liked rocks.....that is sooooo cool. I love rocks too. Hubby and I are going on our annual anniversary vacation this next weekend and we will be doing some rockhounding too.

Kelly The Crafty Cat said...

Sounds like you had a really relaxing little holiday with the hubby. Great picture of the two of you. I know how you feel when you come back to earth.

Dave Lowe said...

Always cool to see old crafts like crochet are in the hands of Harley riding people...such a great, unexpected conflict in cliche.
I wanna see old lady knitters working security at a Rolling stone show!!!!

Happy belated birthday.

Sheila said...

Sounds like a beautiful vacation.

Jimbo said...

Ah to go for a cruise on a hog. I envy you, Pam. Glad to see you had such a good time. You deserved it!


KnitPastis said...

Check you and the hubby out! I love this photo of you two. You know how to live life. It looks like a very beautiful view out there.