Saturday, June 30, 2007

3 Kittens Karabella Kruise

The 3 K Kruise sponsored by 3 Kittens Needle Arts was a fantastic success! The staff at 3 Kittens went all out, from the decorations, the cute sailor hats, goodie bags, door prizes (which I won 1 of them, a Henna tatoos by JJ. Norma) cool vendors, and cute little Karabella yarn samples. I had samples of Aurora 4 which is 100% extrafine Merino wool. Another sample of Boise, which is 50% cashmere/50% superfine Merino wool. Then SuperYak, 50% yak/50% merino. The yarn samples were enough to knit/crochet up a swatch and get a good idea about the yarn texture. All 3 of the yarns I sampled were heaven to work with, I love Karabella yarn!

Berta Karapetyan

The cruise featured Berta Karapetyan, who founded Karabella Yarns in 1993. Berta is in New York City with clientele that includes Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Anna Sui, Banana Republic, and Gap. WOW!

Berta’s book Runway Knits has beautiful designs, several featured in the fashion show today. All stunning, high end fashion designs, I can see why Berta has gained the fantastic reputation she has.

The boat launched from Lilydale Yacht Club

Cis (one of the 3K owners) - Master of Ceremonies
Wearing a adorable top she knit with Karabella yarn!

Julie (one of the 3K owners)
Modeling a beautiful creation with Karabella yarn!

Tiffany and Janine - sailor hats and theme songs!

Tiffany and Janine had smiles all day, they made the cruise a big hit with their fun personalities, they treated everyone equal (crocheters and knitters alike!) and they did special yarn orders via Shawn (who stayed back at the shop, bless his hard working dear heart!) They even kept the shop open an extra hour to make sure all guests had their yarn!

Velia and Mary Jean
I made so many new friends!

Sheryl Lange Knitchique.

I also met Sheryl, she is a knit designer for 3 Kittens. Here she is modeling her Kaleidoscope Bag which is available through 3 Kittens web site. The color on this bag is amazing, it is felted and there is also a matching mini bag pattern. Very Cool!

Me and Steven

Always a treat to run into The Glitter Knitter Steven Berg owner of The Yarn Garage. He always has on the most smashing fashion of his own creation, he truly is the rock star of the yarn world! I'm wearing the latest version of the Wrap Tank Top, my exclusive crochet design for 3 Kittens.

A view from inside the boat

End of the fashion show

The end of the fantastic fashion show, a very proud team who pulled off a very elegant display of Berta's work. Cis was a natural at hosting, I think she's done this before!
Lets hope she does it again!


Sheila said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time... and your wrap tank looks great on you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks like it was a blast! Oh hey, AJ works at the Yarn Garage!

lv2knit said...

I remember you!! It was great, wasn't it? I'll be there next year!!

Mimi said...

Wow, those are all amazing! Love Berta's book, how classy. Love Sheryl's bag. Love your wrap tank top!

Mary said...

I'm so bummed I missed it, looks like a great time!

KnitPastis said...

Wooo, Berta sounds like an amazing lady to sit down and chat with! I love and wear all the designers that she designs for.
You are such a doll. Look at how cute you are! Everyone seems to had a very fun time.