Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Seagrass Cowgirl Hat Pattern

1 coil of Baby Seagrass 000 - SG200B will make a couple hats - order from
Atkinson's Country House
2775 Riniel Road
Lennon, MI 48449
Local (Flint Area): 810-621-4947
Fax: 810-621-3058 / To Order: 800-832-3071

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
nx st = next stitch
inc = working 2 sts in same st

Placing the coil of seagrass fiber in a basket or other container before you begin will help keep the coil contained. Note: The beginning chain is the center top of the hat, and you work around the beginning center chain with increases in each end. The oval created is the top of the hat. The entire hat is worked in back loops only, from top to sides, then brim.

Round 1 – for beginning chain, loosely ch 13, start in 2nd ch from hook, sc each st to end of ch, then sc in back loop only on other side of the beginning chain, to end of row, now inc by adding 2 sc in your 1st st, then sc in back loops only, on the other side of beg ch, at end of this row inc by working 2 sc in last ch, sl st to close round, ch 1 for turning ch.

Round 2 – sc each st, back loops only to end of row, inc with 2 sc at end of row, then sc each st back loops only, and inc with 2 sc at other end of oval, sl st to close round, ch 1. (26 total sts)

Round 3 – repeat Round 2. (28 total sts)

Round 4- repeat Round 2 but now inc 2 times at end of oval. (32 total sts)
(Top of hat measures approx. 7” x 3” inches)

Rounds 5 to 11 – sc each st, remember back loops only, do not inc on sides anymore and omit turning chain, now you are working around and around to end (this makes it hard to count your sts and rows BUT you have no seam (36 total sts) (Sides of hat measures approx. 4” in length)

Round 12 – [1 sc, inc 1] back loops only, repeat to end (54 total sts)

Round 13 – sc each st, no increasing this round, back loops only (54 total sts)

Round 14 – [3 sc, inc 1] back loops only, repeat to end (64 total sts)

Rounds 15 to 17– sc each st, no increasing, back loops only (72 total sts)
(if you want your brim even wider, add another row of sc back loops only here)
Fasten off and weave in end.


Sheila said...

What a cool hat.

Mary said...

I loved this hat the minute I saw it on the show! I would probably not make it based on your comments on the seagrass, could I make it with a bulky yarn?

Rina said...

Love the hat!

Pam said...

I emailed Mary this, thought I'd post this in case anyone else wants to know...

I have not crocheted this pattern in anything but seagrass but I think a bulky yarn might work. You might want to try the hat on as you crochet it to see if it fits you. Please let me know if you try it and what the outcome is!

Thanks for stopping by the Knotty Generation!
-Pam (

Ellen Bloom said...

Oooo....Pam...thanks for the great pattern!

Mimi said...

Love your pic! Hat looks great, I think its worth the effort to make ;)

Dipsy said...

Wow! This is absolutely and totally stunning! As soon as I saw that hat, all of me was screaming "Me. Want That!!!" Thanks ever so much for sharing the pattern, I will definitely try my hands at it!

Anonymous said...

That is a very cool looking hat! Great job, wished I saw the show, will it re-run?

j said...

This hat is gorgeous!! I LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing the pattern!!!!!

Justine said...

J is me, pressed "enter" too fast...

Marge in NH. said...

Love your site!
Love the seagrass hat! thanks for posting it!

Katie said...

I'm a novice crocheter working on the hat now...very excited for the final product. But I'm a little confused about the directions: do you turn each round from 2 to 4? And how do you get 36 sts in round 5 without inc from round 4 (32 sts)? HELP!