Monday, May 11, 2009

Pop Goes Crochet by Vickie Howell

Order the book at Amazon. Check Out Vickie's Blog - she has previews, e-cards, and her usual sassy wit and charm.

I'm so excited about this book, not only do I love the funky designs from Vickie Howell... but I have a crochet design in this book! I'm also really excited that some of my crochet designer friends are also in this book.

I designed a low cut, fitted waist, snug vest, it fits tight like a corset. I used black yarn, and if you wear this vest alone, it takes on the "biker chick" vibe and then it can take on a Renaissance feel if you pair it with a billowy white blouse. It seems pretty versatile, which I totally love because some days I feel like a biker chick and some days I feel like a librarian. Go figure.

I had to keep the secret for so long, the wait is almost over, once I get my copy of the book I'll post more! A big thanks to Vickie Howell for taking a chance at an unknown crochet designer from Minnesota!


Mary Jane said...

Hi Pam! I didn't know you had a design in this book too! I haven't received my copy yet. Have you?

Mary Jane

Rina said...

I saw the book at B&N yesterday. I gotta go back there and see which one is your design.

Pam said...

Hi Mary Jane, I have not received my comp copy yet, so I went and bought one I couldn't wait any longer! I love your scarf design!