Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gray Cable Scarf

This scarf had been 1/2 done for way too long.
You know the type; they sit in their project bag, waiting to get some attention. Somehow they find their way to the back of the pile of project bags. They start to collect dust and you eventually forget they exist.

I need to take a montly inventory of my "craft closet", as it gathers stash at an amazing rate and the UFOs (un-finished object) that actually have potential, deserve to to be transported to the "craft table" and actually get some well deserved love.

Seems like I've crocheted 50 scarves this winter, 10 being for myself. (see Land of 10,000 scarves post!) This is my 3rd gray scarf, you see I have 2 black/grey winter coats, thus the gray addiction. (I know, overkill.) So to complete my gray yarn rampage, (and hopefully end it) I felt the need to complete this gray cable scarf. Please don't tell the yarn snobs, it is Lion Brand Homespun. She's done and I love her.


Norah said...

It's beautiful. Crocheted cables rock!

Hobici said...

Very nice blog..

Did you visit my blog??

Have a nice day

Pam said...

Thanks for stopping by Hobici, I love all the pictures on your blog, but I don't read Turkish, so I just "looked". Love the lacy shawls!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it looks so cozy, Pam!