Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jimbo's Front Porch Crochet Hooks

I told Jim (of Jimbo’s Front Porch) my crochet life would not be complete unless I had one of his hooks, his humble words down-played the fact that his work is extraordinary, with a great story behind it to boot. I found out about Jim when I was on and read a post on the forum regarding these fantastic hooks he was making from old trees on his property.

I'm a semi retired patent agent, but its not about that; I've been married to a beautiful woman since she was 18 and I was 21 in 1968. My dream in life since 1953 when my dad died was to own our property again on Deadman Creek (we say "crick") and in Oct. of 2000 we were able to buy 30 acres of the place back. Now i'm doing what i can to build a cabin to replace our house which is no longer there. One thing i'm doing to raise funds for the building project is hand carving wood crochet hooks from branch wood i collect from the ranch. Proceeds from sales go directly into the building fund such as it is. Ok.. nuf about me.. i spect more will come out as this grows.

Today I received an original, custom made, Jimbo’s Front Porch Crochet Hook and I couldn’t be happier, it is simply beautiful craftsmanship. After using aluminum and steel hooks with such compliancy, wooden hooks suddenly hold a story, a legacy, a whole new perspective.

I exchanged emails with Jim to work out the details of my custom carved hook and I can tell by his words, he is a gem. A “gem of a person” in my eyes is someone who has kind words all around, someone who (even if you’re a stranger) seems to genuinely be nice, not for show, but for real.

That’s my 2 cents on Jim and I think he’s worth a million. Check out his site


Norah said...

Wow, that hook is awesome and so is Jim's site.

Mary said...

Wow, nice hook!

Justine said...

How beautiful those crochet hooks are. The idea is simple yet amazing. I'd love a cedar hook, must be so lovely scented!!!

Jimbo said...

What kind things to say Pam, thank you so much!
I just hope it fits your hand well, and makes wonderful things for you.
Oh, and Justine, as much as i'd like to say the cedar hooks smell great, the finish kinda covers all that up. Cedar is too soft to leave unfinished.
Wisht it was otherwise.
Love your picture!

vicki said...

pam, i agree, jimbo is a special kind of friend. a good man all around. i too have been very lucky to own not one but 2 of his awesome hooks. he has a lot of talent. looking at you blog i can say the same of you. such great talents you both have. thanks for sharing with us

Mimi said...

What a remarkable story behind a beautiful crochet hook! Now I'm thinking of getting one...

Tandi said...

I'm so jealous, his hooks look awesome!

Carol Thomas said...

You're right about Jim, he is a "gem", & I hope you are enjoying your new crochet hook!!
I have 3 of his custom-made crochet hooks, & absolutely love all of them!!
Hope you have a fantastic weekend,

Lance said...

It makes me happy to hear all the nice comments. It's all true, although I have not used one of his hooks myself, I can vouch first hand about how great of a person he is. Jim is my Dad and he is a pretty amazing guy in many aspects. Hooks are only a small part of his woodwork, literary, engineering and artistic talents.

Pam said...

Lance, your father is loved and admired by many, thanks for sharing him with us!