Wednesday, August 02, 2006

BrainsBarn Custom Wooden Crochet Hooks

My breath was taken away when I opened a very special package today. I just received 2 hooks from BrainsBarn handcrafted wooden crochet hooks of exotic hardwoods. I literally gasped as I unwrapped them. The hook on the right is size K, made of Chakte Kok, elegantly turned with tear drop bead. The hook on the left is size G, made of Boccote with a captive ring. I’ve admired from afar, now they are actually here, not 1 but 2! My smile is a mile wide. It is hard for non-crochet folks to understand, but they are some of the most beautiful peices of craved wood, I'm in awe. Only the finest yarn will touch these hooks.

My obsession with fine hooks began when I received my Grandmother’s antique bone hook, then I became the proud owner of a Jimbo Hook and now my newest additions from BriansBarn.

Life is so good!

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Amie said...

Just...INCREDIBLE! Downright gorgeous! I'm speechless!

busyHSmom said...

(((DROOL))) Those are beyond words! I am sitting here, green with envy.

Rae said...

OK, now I have got to get me one of those hooks! Love the gnome!

Rina said...

Dang! the handmade hooks look gorgeous! I wish I can have a handmade knitting needles, but those are sadly out of my budget.

Scott Arthur Edwards said...

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Linda Lewis said...

Those hooks are beautiful Pam!

Mimi said...

Beautiful hooks, you deserve it!

Marvin said...

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