Monday, August 07, 2006

Two Days to L.A.

OK, I’ve got 2 days until I fly out to California (Los Angeles to be specific, actually Burbank, you know, close to Hollywood!)

My purpose? To film 3 episodes for Uncommon Threads. I am learning a lot about myself while I’m packing. Here is my List:

  1. I own a ton of black shoes.
  2. I dress in such drab colors that I could be a funeral director’s secretary.
  3. All the zippers on my suitcase are broken.
  4. I don’t understand the term “pack light”. Not in my dictionary.
  5. I will not fit a lot of yarn in a small space, even if I sit on it.
  6. Bungee cords work wonders.
  7. No sharp objects on the plane. Thank goodness I’ve got a crochet gig in LA, VS. a knitting gig. Knitting Needles are still viewed as weapons by most major airlines. Hummm, Grandma Terrorist, and as I type that I'm added to the “Monitor List” at the FBI.
  8. I’d like to hire someone to scrub my kitchen floor (hey wait a minute, that has nothing to do with packing, this post or the show)

I also learned that I have Teflon grey hair (actually like 5 strands of Teflon grey hair) So I might be forced to use a black magic-marker on the few rebel strands, cuz hair dye doesn’t touch it. This is funny b ecause years ago I used “White-Out” to touch up a pair of scuffed white go-go boots, so why can’t I use a black magic-marker on my grey hair, it does the same (temporary) thing?

I rest my case, a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do and I've got 2 days to L.A.


Pyo said...

too funny! but it's true packing can be such a hassle!

I'd better start mine, I'm spending two days in Paris and I've got only 10 days left to organize my packing :o)

Have a nice stay in LA!

Linda Lewis said...

You're off to the big city....swimming pools and movie stars...!!!!

Shannon said...

Ha! I had the same problems prepping for mine... are all my shoes and shirts black? Why can't I wear a Craftster shirt with a knitting Jolly Roger on it? WHY WON'T MY HAIR BEHAVE? Should I have made Knitgrrl shirts? (etc etc etc). Add to it: I was on the road taking photos for my spinning book when this all went down, so I was limited to what I was able to cram in my suitcase for a full month of traveling!

:) you'll be fine -- Jane the wardrobe goddess will hook you up!

Jimbo said...

Oh this is getting exciting! Be sure not to forget your camera and post some pics of the adventure.
Pam's about to be DISCOVERED!!!
Will you remember us little people?

Mary said...

Holy Cow Pam, I'm about as excited as you are! I can say "I knew you when..."

Vik said...

You made me laugh with your list, Pam! We have many things in common! ;)


busyHSmom said...

What would we do with out our black Sharpies??

Mimi said...

You may have forgotten all about your blog friends by now...hehe...hope you are enjoying it in LA! We're looking forward to reading about your adventure, Pam!

Anonymous said...

Do you know when the episodes will air? I don't get DIY yet and think my cousin will tape the shows for me.

Gook luck with the show!!