Thursday, August 10, 2006

Uncommon Threads - First Day

Allison Whitlock - The host of Uncommon Threads

OMGOSH – I’m posting from downtown Burbank, California!

Just to remind you dear readers, I’m an at-home-Mom from Minnesota pursing a crochet design career, and got my 2nd big break by being on the show Uncommon Threads, thanks to Amie of NexStitch. We just finished shooting 2 episodes of Uncommon Threads today, after a day of rehearsals yesterday, and with our FABULOUS HOST Allison Whitlock! Life is crazy here, a totally different lifestyle, the pace is crazy fast and shooting a craft show is probably one of the most incredible experiences of my crochet designer career. Yes it is true it is not all GLAMOR but dang, we have wardrobe people, make-up artist, production assistances, props guys, a super cool studio, awesome show set, we have our own dressing room, and hey, even DAVE the super cool props guy untangled my yarn for me! Our producer Judy juggles more than I can imagine, Gordon our director know his &%$# and the camera guys are awesome! Granted we had a few changes in what we were expecting, (to demo and show) but the pace is so fast and things change in a second, you’ve gotta go with the flow or you’ll get left behind! I've gotta get some sleep or I’ll miss our morning call time, we’ve got one for show to rehearse and shoot, then I’m taking the red-eye flight home, via Las Vegas, to Minnesota.

I’ll post more details once I get home and download my pics.I’m having a blast, Amie and Drew are fantastic crochets, I’m honored to be in such company.

Life is so totally good in LA!


Chie said...

Oh wow, Pam!!! I'm so happy for ya! :)))
I got so excited just reading your post! I'm sure you've been doing so well and looking pretty in front of cameras. :) Can't wait to see your show on tv!
Have fun!

busyHSmom said...

I am sooo depressed because I do not get DIY!!! Will there be any way for deprived folk like me to see the episodes?? Do they ever stream on the web or offer videos, DVD's, something?!?!

On a totally unrelated topic, I made my first Circle Pendant necklace and it looks fab! Thanks for sharing the idea and pattern!

Oh, and you are just too cute! Life is not fair! ;-D

Anonymous said...

How incredibly exciting!! I can't wait to hear more! Be sure to let us know when it will air. Maybe I can get my cousin to tape it for me!

Mimi said...

I'm all excited too just reading your post! Thanks Pam, you're making us crocheters real proud!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pam,
I was going to call you, but thought twice and will let you rest. I can't wait to hear all the details of your trip! I found out we get DIY!!!!! Really!!!! When you are looking for a manager, think of me!
Love Ya,
Sister Sue

Anonymous said...

Pam - I'm so proud of you for taking Hollywood by storm!! You are amazing.

Sister Em