Friday, January 25, 2008

Colinette's Mohair in Neptune

Yarn Statistics
Fiber Content: 78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon
Yarn Weight: Worsted
Yarndage/MSRP: 175 meters per hank @ $24.00
Care: Hand wash/dry flat
Years in My Stash Box: 3
Personal Notes: kinda scratchy, terrible to rip, beautiful colorway.

Project Info.
I'm crocheting a scarf, approx. 14" in width and I'll go to about 60" in length. I'm using a N (9mm) crochet hook and the standard shell stitch. To see this project the best, I held it up with the light in the back ground to show off the stitch. The super big hook makes for a fast project and works up quick. There is no bulkiness to this project, it is very lightweight. I love all of Colinette's yarn, I'm turning into a yarn snob. Next project I'm looking at Noro's Silk Garden.

On a Personal Note: Thanks for the calls, notes and words of encouragement after my surgery, I'm recovery super fast, feeling great! Life takes crazy turns and it is amazing how resilient you (and your family) can be. A big shout-out to my husband Scott, who is amazing, stepped-in to do A LOT of work around the house while I stayed in my PJs for 4 days. Also to my Mom & my sister Sue who helped with the kids. Also my sweet neighbors, Vicki, Dana, Tia, Sarah, and LeAnn who sent over yummy pre-made meals! I know! How sweet is that?! I'm pretty lucky. Also the owners of the yarn shop where I teach; Cis at 3 Kittens offered her personal home delivery service if I needed any yarn! I know! I know! THAT is why I love that shop, they go above and beyond.!

Also thank YOU, for those that stop by to "check in" on my crochet world, and those who leave comments, for those that don't, and for those who've purchased my patterns, those I've met in person at events, for those I know only 'on-line', for those friends 'across the pond' and for those long lost friends I've recently found!



busyHSmom said...

Surgery?? Huh?! Wha?! Somehow I missed this! I hope that you are doing better!

Jenny said...

Whoa, wait a second! Surgery?! I didn't know about any surgery! Hope you're OK!!! Your neighbors sound awesome, but that's all I've ever heard about twin cities area folks. Can't beat 'em!

Deneen said...

I didn't know about the surgery, but am happy all went well.

I made the"Easiest Shawl Ever" using mohair and a Q hook (Pattern is on Crochet me) and it's super warm and super lightweight and I love it, but frogging it was horrible.

I like the colorway you are working on, very nice.

Pam said...

Hey Girlfriends,
Thanks for stopping by! My surgery was laproscopic, removed my gallbladder with a dozen stones, and they did another minor procedure. I'm recovering so fast, it's amazing!

I thought I blogged about it but as I look back I realize I didn't, (I mentioned it on one of the crochet message boards but not here.)

If anyone is facing laproscopic surgery, it is fast, easy recovery, and so much better than the "old fashion" way!
Take care all,

Yarn Diva said...

hey girlfriend, love that yarn but way outta my price range. glad to hear your on the recovery road!

Sheila said...

Sending you Get Well Soon Wishes. The scarf is absolutely beautiful.

Juanita said...

Love the cables! Glad to hear your surgery went well and your recovery speedy. Take care.