Saturday, January 28, 2006

Cocoon Sweater Try-Outs

The hideous scarf has morphed into a shrug, which has in turn, grown into a cocoon sweater.

I had the shrug schematics created and crocheted, but I wanted more - MORE - more of a sweater that is. I wanted a cocoon sweater! So I modified the pattern a bit and added a collar and sides, but my increases are not making me happy. I ripped and re-did the increases but I still don't know if I'm totally satisfied with the design. I chalk it up to all being part of the design process. I won't rest until I'm satisfied.

Both pictures are of the same project, (at various times of creation) same yarn, but each picture was taken at a different time of day, making the yarn look totally different, weird hey?
And yes, that is my sweater's arm around a glass of wine. ;)


ria said...

The sweater/shrug is gorgeous Pam!

Kel said...

I love it. I can't wait for your book.

Crochetkel (Blog)
rma86ed (crochetville)

Pyo said...

I already like the way the sweater is, so I'm sure the final design will be outstanding!

Good luck!

sylv said...

I liked it as cocoon sweater... really worked well with that yarn ! .. but your plain and simple cardi is really neat too !!!

Anonymous said...

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