Monday, January 30, 2006

Not funky enough

Brown Bowler Hat - This hat was worked in the round, all in one piece, increasing and decreasing to create an interesting bubbled top.

Grey Top Hat
-This had was worked in a cylinder, the top "lid" was crocheted separately in the round, then whipped stitched on, brim added last. I was going for something like a top hat, but with a little flair.

So these two hats didn't make the cut for the book. They're funky, but not funky enough. Maybe the basic dark colors, maybe that I've done them several times, they're were not as "fresh" as I'd like. But, finally I did pick 2 hat designs for the book. Stay tuned!


Celeste said...

Thanks for the commentation, Pam! I'll have to bookmark you -- I'm LOVING the cocoon sweater! Very cool.

Kari said...

They may not be funky enough for the book but I love them.

Pam said...

I've received a couple emails asking if the hat patterns are not in the book, would they be available somewhere else. I'll have to re-think the funk-value!

Anonymous said...
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