Friday, January 13, 2006

Biggest Scarf EVER = RIP

File this in the "what was I thinking" category.

Ok, here are the dimensions: 7" by 7'
(yes, 7 feet of scarf) Now, a 7 foot skinny scarf is cool, but this scarf was all wrong. If you wrapped it around your neck, it was like a neck brace, if you let it hang, it gets tangled up in EVERYTHING. I couldn't wrap it like a shawl, it just looked like a mess.

I'm getting good at RIPing! I used 2 stands of yarn, one is a boucle and the other was Lion Brand Jiffy, both in a deep gray. So, now after RIPing, I'll have enough yarn to make something like....a shawl, a vest, a caplet, or two 7 foot skinny scarves!

(my 5 year old son Drew took this picture, he is a budding photographer)


Nancy H said...

I have a purple scarf almost exactly this same size that I knitted from Lion Homespun when I first learned to knit! LOL! I love this scarf, especially when its really freaking cold out and I'm standing downtown waiting for the bus! Granted that's only been like twice this winter... The thing is its really soft (cuz its Homespun). I'd never make another one quite this wide again though.

Pam said...

I'm begining to think that everyone has made a big huge scarf, so now I'm not feeling so silly!