Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday 01/24/06

In honor of the Girl Scout cookie sales that recently started, I am proudly posting a picture of me in my Girl Scout uniform, circa 1975.

Yes, I'm a little embarrassed. Dig the glasses and the middle part in my hair. I had lime green corduroy hip-hugger bell bottoms on, perfectly matching my Girl Scout uniform. I was groovy and life was "peace, love, and Donny Osmond."

This is the age I stated knitting, and eventually found my life long love of crochet. I still have the silver size K crochet hook that my mom gave me (in 1975) for my first crochet project. It was from my maternal grandmother, Rose Luedke.


Celtic Knitter said...

ok, but do you still have your first crochet project? I started by crocheting and I'm so embarrassed to admit that I made for my mom these hideous scarves that were totally crooked and horrible colours.

That's a lovely picture by the way.

Pyo said...

lol at celtic knitter scarves :D
I find it so beautiful that you inherited your grandmother's crochet hook. it's really something to cherish...

Pam said...

I did not save my first crochet project, honestly I don't remember what it was! (probably a scarf) My first knitted project was an ugly scarf that I was too embarrassed to wear!

Terri-LadySorce said...

Thank you for your kind words on my blog about my friend. Your the only one that read my blogger.

Can't wait to see your book published and purchase one =)